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Kampong Thom is Cambodia's second largest province by area. Its capital is named Kampong Thom, a picturesque town on the banks of the Stung Saen River.The Sambor temple and Prei Kuk temple are the two main temples in Kompong Thom as well as other less significant Angkorian sites. The provincial capital Kampong Thom is another bustling town on the banks of the Stung Sen River. The town itself is strategically located on the National Highway No 6 between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Its more a stopover to have a break from driving long distances or to eat something on the way to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, than a very touristic place. Despite the town itself people come to explore the pre-Angkorian Chenla capital Sambor Prei Kuk, the remote temples of Preah Khan and Prasat Preah Vihear.

Best time to visit

The pleasant climate in Cambodia makes it a perfect country to visit throughout the year. Cambodia has a tropical climate that is warm and humid with an average temperature of 27°C; this can fall to a minimum temperature of about 16°C. The cool and comfortable time to travel on the Cambodia Package Holiday and explore the sights is December and January when the temperature is usually in the region of 20°C to 28°C. For those that prefer to avoid travelling in the rainy season; this can take place from May to October with a temperature range of 23°C to 30°C. If travelling in the rainy season, make sure to pack the extra supplies such as a light waterproof jacket. Also, the most intense heat is experienced during the month of April which should be avoided by those that prefer the cooler climate.

Check the below table for the general idea of Kampong Thom weather throughout the year.

Month Avg. High (°C) Avg. Mean (°C) Avg. Low (°C)
Jan 30.8 27.3 22.3
Feb 32.8 28.7 23.3
Mar 34.3 30.3 25.1
Apr 34.8 30.7 25.8
May 34.8 30.5 26.2
Jun 33.9 29.8 25.8
Jul 32.9 29.2 25.2
Aug 33.1 29.1 25.2
Sep 32.2 28.6 25
Oct 31.8 28.6 25
Nov 31.4 28.5 24.6
Dec 31 27.7 23.1

Kampong Thom’s current weather and 7-day forecast


Here are top things to see & do in Kampong Thom:

Sambo Prei Kuh Temples

By adding the Sambo Prei Kuh Temples to your travel itinerary makes it possible to explore some of the finest temples in the local region. This area is quite large and includes over 100 temples constructed with solid brick, sandstone and laterite. This region has been used by several kings and maintained the site while also adding more monuments and temples throughout their rein.     

Andet Temple

Built in the Prei Kmeng style, the Andet temple is constructed much like a single brick tower and located close to a modern Buddhist wat. It was built in the seventh century under the guidance of Jayavarman I.     

Wat Kuhak Nokor

A visit to the 11th century site of the Wat Kuhak Nokor makes it possible to explore a series of sandstone and laterite structures that are still relatively well maintained and surrounded by an impressive 3 meter height rampart. This 200 m² park has many structures that are similar in style to the Tonlé Bati temple.

Home-stay in Baray District

For the traveller on the Cambodia tour packages that really wants to experience the authentic rural life in Cambodia, a homestay in the Baray District is certain to appeal. This homestay tourism experience is based in a Khmer village that includes a community-based program that helps to capture the day-to-day life in the heartland of Cambodia. This type of travel experience includes plenty of activities beyond sustaining the ethnic houses including watching traditional dance performances, learning silk weaving, watch farmers tap Palm trees and ride on a bullock cart.

Stone handicraft

A visit to the Ka Kos Village in the Santhuk District which is approx. 16 km from Kampong Thom via national highway No 6 gives a great opportunity to watch the local craftsmen in action as they use local rocks to make various figures and statues for home decoration. These statues are created to sell to the international and domestic markets. Beyond the stone handicraft, there are plenty of other handicraft activities to see in the local area on the Cambodia travel packages such as traditional Khmer bags and clothing (silk shirts).

Bird Sanctuary of Boeng Tonle Chmar

The Bird Sanctuary of Boeng Tonle Chmar is a vast area that expands nearly 400 hectares which includes an interconnecting network of channels that lye along the Boeng Kla Lake that has plenty of flooded forests.
In addition to the local bird population, there are also many people living there on the river in floating houses who are required to move up and down the river according to the level of water in the flooded jungle forest.

Despite Kampong Thom being off the main tourist route, there are still plenty of hotels and guesthouses that can cater to the increase in tourist trade on the Cambodia Package Tours.

A stay at the Vimean Sovann Guest House is certain to offer one of the best places to relax while in town. This guest house has many of the basic amenities, such as mini fridges, hot water showers, flat screen TVs, balconies and simple but well decorated rooms. This four story building is modern and bright with the very friendly and English speaking staff. They can help with organizing travel and tours, and also help hire out bikes for about $1 per day.

A long running establishment can be found at Arunras Hotel & Restaurant, which is quite large with 58 well maintained, spacious and clean rooms. Most of the rooms have an old-fashioned style and the friendly-staff are great at helping with sight seeing arrangements or ongoing travel. There is an attached restaurant that serves plenty of Western and Khmer food.

The Sakun Lalita Guest House is great for the budget traveller or backpacker with its rock bottom prices. Even though it is quite small this two-storey villa has clean and light rooms, with several having balconies attached. The team at this guesthouse are very welcoming and friendly, but English doesn't seem to be their forte.

By booking a room at the Mittapheap Hotel you get to stay at a standard Khmer guesthouse with simple and clean rooms that are quite bright compared to alternatives in town. This guest house is well placed in a central location off the main road, so less noisy. But still within easy reach of the main attractions in town.

By booking a place at the Stung Sen Royal Garden Hotel it is possible to enjoy a great location close to the river. This is a great place to stay for a night or longer. The rooms are clean and spacious and include a hot water shower, fridge, TV, fridge, western-style bathroom and air-con. The cost to stay in this hotel is about $20 to $25 per night – with the size of the room having an influence on the price to pay.

One of the finest places to stay on the Indochina tour packages is Sambor Prey Kuk Hotel, but still at a price that is great for the budget travellers. Most of the rooms in the hotel are well maintained with TV, air-con (or fan) and western-style bath. The cost is $4 to $8 per night with a fan only and $6 to $10 with air-con switched on.

Despite the size of Kompong Thom the eating opportunities are still quite reasonable with a choice of upmarket restaurants, local cafes and a fine evening market. Plus, there are at least two cocktail bars in town for the traveller to visit.

For guests at the Arunras Hotel, there is a large attached restaurant that has a very busy trade with a lot coming from the passing bus trade. The menu mainly consists of a variety of Khmer dishes with a choice of a few basic western dishes. The noodles or fried rice dishes cost $2 upwards, with other mains increasing to $5, which can include the western-style sandwiches and burgers.

A cheaper alternative close by is the Chinese-Khmer Phum Bayon which is found on Bracheathepatay Street, which also serves the local Khmer dishes.

The Kompong Thom Restaurant is well located on the riverbank to give great scenery and is found to the right just before crossing the bridge. This restaurant has a full bar with cold beers, so great place to stop for a drink. The main dishes cost in the region of $4 to $6, with drinks like a frozen margarita at $3.

One of the fancy and upscale places to eat is the Reaksmay Restaurant that serves plenty of Chinese and Khmer fare, as well as a few dishes consisting of western food.

For guests at the Stung Sen Royal Hotel it is really easy to appreciate tasty food at the attached Super Soup Restaurant and offers everything imaginable in relation to soups.

The road network in Kampong Thom is quite a basic, but is linked along the national highway No 6 with Siem Reap (150km) and Phnom Penh (165km). A great benefit of being linked by this major road is the frequent bus service that travels to and from the major cities. The popular bus companies include Capitol, G.S.T. and Sorya with 5 or 6 services per day. The cost to travel by bus to Kampong Thom is in the region of $1.5 to $2.5.

We recommend you check the latest bus schedule and price via

Travelling by share taxi can help to shorten the travel time to arrive in Kampong Thom. This isn't always the most comfortable form of transport and the cost is usually in the region of $3-$6.

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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


How long to spend in Cambodia may seem like a ridiculous question to address, but if you have plenty of time and aren’t sure how much to dedicate, this blog will definitely help you out. 

How long can you stay in Cambodia? 

Well, as long as you like! From 7 days to a month, there are various ways you can travel across Cambodia and uncover its secrets. Advising an ideal trip length for Cambodia is a bit of a complex challenge, as it depends on several factors such as the places you wish to visit, the activities you plan to join, or if you want to combine Cambodia with its neighbor countries. 

Stay tuned! We are going to sort all these things out including the step-by-step guide to create the best itinerary in Cambodia.


After nearly two years of restricting international arrivals as part of Covid-19 prevention measures, Cambodia yesterday become the first country in Southeast Asia to drop the requirements for both pre-travel PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test and on-arrival rapid antigen test for fully vaccinated travellers into the Kingdom.


Cambodia has abolished the need for a PCR negative test obtained 72 hours before arrival and rapid test upon arrival in Cambodia. They also enable to visa-on arrival system on the strike to facilitate the reopening process of the tourism sector as reported on March 17th, 2022.


Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who is well known to Cambodians, has returned to the Kingdom for the first time since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.

In the past, the American film star directed the film First They Killed My Father here after starring in Tomb Raider, released in 2001, which is considered the first international movie in modern times to introduce the wonder of Angkor Wat to a wider, western audience.

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