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Located near the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Koh Rong is famous for its serene beauty. Often described as an ‘island paradise’ by visiting tourists, the island boasts pristine white sandy beaches, warm crystal-clear ocean waters, and a hot tropical climate.

Best time to visit

Koh Rong has a pleasant 30˚C all year round day temperature. During the night it cools off to approximately 22˚C. The island knows two seasons: the dry season and wet season. Dry season starts from December and lasts until March. From June to September it is wet season. During April and May the climate builds up towards the wet season with high humidity and during October and November it will tail off again.

The best times to visit Koh Rong is during the dry season, from December to March. A little before and after dry season the weather is usually still fine (mid November until the beginning of May).

Check the below table for the general idea of Koh Rong weather throughout the year.

Month Avg. High (°C) Avg. Mean (°C) Avg. Low (°C)
Jan 30.6 26.6 23.3
Feb 31.2 27 23.6
Mar 32.1 28.2 24.9
Apr 32.4 28.8 25.6
May 32.2 29.1 26
Jun 31.2 28.4 25.8
Jul 30.4 27.9 25.4
Aug 30.4 28 25.6
Sep 29.9 27.5 25.3
Oct 30.6 27.4 24.8
Nov 31.2 27.7 24.8
Dec 30.8 27.1 24

Koh Rong’s current weather and 7-day forecast


This jungley, beachy paradise is the perfect dreamy getaway for backpackers and resort-goers alike. 
If relaxation is what you’re after, Koh Rong has it. If you’re more the party type, the main beach can cater for you most nights of the week. If you want adventure, here’s a list of some of the best things to do on Koh Rong Island.

Trek through the Jungle to Sok San / Long Beach

From the main beach (Koh Toch) trek for 50 minutes through the dense jungle and emerge onto a pristine, endless beach containing only other beachgoers and a couple of vendors selling cold drinks. This is Sok San Beach and it’s where the 32nd series of Survivor was filmed. Sok San is long (7km actually), the sand pure white and the water crystal clear. Now, enjoy having almost the entire beach to yourself to laze on for the rest of the day!

To find the trail to Sok San Beach, head towards the local housing area on the south end of the main beach then turn right when you see a gap between the buildings. Follow the sand track through the jungle for about 50 minutes until you pop out on the South end of Sok San Beach.

Do the Blob Jump

Brave revellers can jump from a height of four or six meters onto a giant blow up “blob” on the water. You’ll then move to the opposite end where a friend can bounce you back up in the air and into the nearby water. Safe? Who knows…?
The Blob Jump is located on the far north end of Sok San Beach on a wooden pier. If you’re walking from the south end, you’ve got 7 more kilometers of white sand to traipse. Otherwise, if you’re done with all the walking just grab one of the local boats.

Go Snorkeling

There are many beautiful snorkeling points around Koh Rong and heaps of fish to discover. Try your hand at spotting any of the sergeant fish, seahorses, parrot fish, diamond fish, jumping fish, squid, yellow boxfish, diamond fish, needlefish, blue-spotted ribbon tail rays and goatfish in the waters around the island. You can either walk to nearby rocky ocean areas from where you stay or take one of the snorkeling day trips.

Take the Boat Back from Sok San to Koh Toch Beach at Sunset

The best way to get back from Sok San Beach is to take one of the local fishing-turned-tour boats. Doing it at sunset means you get premium unobstructed ocean sunset views that you just don’t get on the inhabited parts of the island. Once the colours begin to light up the sky, wave down one of the boats sure to be waiting near the shore and in 45 minutes you’ll be back on the main beach.

Go Diving with Koh Rong Dive Center

Koh Rong Dive Center offer fun dives as well as PADI training courses from the island. The prices are cheap but the visibility around the island isn’t the best. BUT, if you go at the right time of year there’s a chance you could spot a whale shark! Koh Rong Dive Center is located on the ferry pier on Koh Toch main beach.

Kayak over to Koh Toch Island

Koh Toch (or Small Island) is also sometimes known as Pagoda Island because the island consists only of a pagoda, a couple of monks and a small walking track. But being in such close proximity to Koh Toch Beach in the main area of Koh Rong, this island is a great little day trip in a kayak. You can also try kayaking to some of the other beaches on Koh Rong, but keep in mind that the island is too big to get around entirely in one day. Kayaks can be rented from the beachfront restaurants on Koh Toch main beach.

Ziplines and Ropewalks at High Point Adventure Park

Gone are the days where there was nothing to do on Koh Rong! This new Russian-owned rope adventure park will have you clambering among the treetops on ropewalks, ziplines, and other height-related obstacles. Plus the views from the top are amazing! Everyone who’s been has reported that the park is serious about safety, so this is must for adventurous families! To find High Point Rope Park just walk south along Koh Toch Beach towards Police Beach until you find a clearing at the end. Look out for the signs.

Go for a Night Swim with the Glowing Plankton

Perhaps one of the coolest things to do on Koh Rong Island is swim with the bioluminescent plankton. Because this is what the island is famous for! The best plankton viewing/swimming is done from beaches with no light pollution, as this makes it much easier to see the Plankton’s glow.

Try heading to Long Set Beach, Lonely Beach or Coconut Beach on a dark moonless night. Alternatively, take the snorkeling day tour mentioned above and your last stop will be to swim with the plankton on one of the deserted beaches.

Visit the “Jungle Zoo”

This adventure is one for the people who just love something quirky! The Jungle Zoo is a garden built by an enthusiastic Russian lady who’s escaped the daily grind to build her own oasis. Her zoo, nestled amongst a beautiful garden of native plants, is made up of a collection of exotic birds, butterflies, and other wildlife like civets, a monitor lizard, a sugar glider and a surprisingly tame bat. Just drop in and she’ll happily show you around. Plus, she’ll even let you touch some of the animals! Find Olga’s Jungle Zoo just south of Police Beach, near the pier. 5 minutes walk.

Here are top best hotels in Koh Rong Island:

Song Saa Private Island

Taking all of the factors into consideration, Song Saa Private Island still has to be the number one hotel on island.
The resort is simply outstanding, offering world class service, deluxe accommodation, and phenomenal views of the crystal clear ocean waters, soft white sandy beaches, and tropical habitat surroundings. Despite the hefty price tag ($2000+ per night), it still comes out first for these incredible features.

Lonely Beach

Located on the northern side of Koh Rong, Lonely Beach is a little-known bit of paradise. Ideal for those looking for a Robinson Crusoe style destination, it offers superb views of the crystal clear ocean waters, beautiful sandy beaches, and tropical island habitat. The rooms are quite rustic, but the scenery really is breathtaking, and the lack of people adds to that desert-island feel.

The main drawback of this resort is that it is quite difficult to get to, with no major ferry company servicing this part of the island. As such, be prepared for long uncomfortable boat trips. There are also no shops or other facilities around (including no Wi-Fi), so please bring everything you need with you.

Sok San Beach Resort

Originally built for the French Survivor series, this huge resort (600 villas) is located away from the main tourist attractions on a quiet secluded part of Sok San (near a local Khmer fishing village).

Here you can enjoy the spectacular scenery, wonderful white beaches, and sparkling ocean waters in a peaceful relaxing environment, while residing in a comfortable western-style accommodation.

Perhaps what’s quite surprising is that, even at peak times, there is enough beach space to go around for everyone, but, admittedly, you don’t feel as privileged as you do on say, Saracen Bay.

The resort offers a private (direct) ferry service from Sihanoukville, so as far as accessibility goes, it’s easy enough to get to.

Long Set Resort

Long Set offers a more comfortable accommodation on a wonderful part of Koh Rong. The soft white sandy beach is splendid, and some of the views are truly sensational. Relax by the pool or swim in the warm ocean during the day, then at night times admire the sparkling bioluminescent plankton.

Long Set Resort is relatively close to Koh Touch (the main tourist area on Koh Rong) and will organise transport for you from Sihanoukville. As such, it is quite easy to get to. If you stay at this resort, please remember to bring all necessities with you as the nearest shops are on Koh Touch – A one hour walk away along the beach.

Koh Rong Resort

Located a short boat trip away from the main tourist area on Koh Rong, the hotel comes with a superb ocean-facing swimming pool, a large well-kept beach area, and a beautiful pristine bay.

This more private getaway hasn’t been getting the best reviews, but this seems to be in part because of a lack of accurate information about its location – Because the resort is a short boat trip away from Koh Touch, it is a little inconvenient to get to. Many people come here expecting it to be on Koh Touch, and are hence disappointed to discover that they have to travel further.

All in all however, this resort has all the makings for a wonderful destination.

Palm Beach Resort

Overlooking Song Saa Private Island and around the corner from Lonely Beach, Palm Beach Resort, as the name suggests, is a palm-covered paradise getaway.

In our opinion, this is one of the best value for money places to stay on Koh Rong. It is always a shock to see good accommodation starting at just $35 per night on such a beautiful location. The beach is clean and well-kept, the ocean waters are crystal clear, sparkly, and inviting. The palm-tree enveloping creates an idyllic scene.

Perhaps the issue is that, like with Lonely Beach, the northern side of the island is much harder to get to, but the accommodation at Palm Beach is of an OK standard and has the potential for a great stay.

There are no shops at this resort, so remember to bring all necessities with you. There is also no Wi-Fi, so make sure to contact everyone you need to before you go.

The Royal Sands

Ranging from $700-$2700 / night, The Royal Sands offers premium luxury accommodation on a spectacular part of Koh Rong.

It is a breathtaking destination, with private swimming pools, deluxe accommodation, and world-class service. Enjoy your wonderful surroundings with sailing, snorkelling, and kayaking, or lie back and unwind with peaceful yoga and meditation sessions, relaxing massages, and luxurious spa treatments.

Western and Asian cuisines are prepared to the highest standard at the restaurant, and after dinner sit back and enjoy the mesmerising sunsets with a glass of champagne…

Top Foods in Koh Rong Island

Cambodia Kdam Chaa – Fried Crab

Kdam Chaa is a delicacy of the coastal town in Cambodia. Lively crabs are caught and handled immediately to keep their freshness. The crab is prepared with Kampot – one of the most famous spices in the world and some garlic flavors.

Although Kampot pepper is sold on the international market, only in Cambodia, you will be able to taste the unripe green pepper with a special taste. The dark red color of the crab with large and fragrant sharks will attract you from the first time you taste this food.

Cambodia Stir-Fried Beef

It sounds “scary” but you will find a lot of food prepared with insects on the menu here. Stir-fried beef with basil and other spices such as ginger, citronella, garlic, and shallots. The unique sour taste is derived from the ants and is absorbed into the beef, creating a rich flavor. This Cambodian food is served with rice.

Cambodia Ang Dtray – Meuk (Grilled squid)

It is easy to see the seafood stalls along the beach on Koh Rong Island. Grilled squid in which the squid is marinated with lemon or fish sauce, served with special Cambodian sauce made from garlic, fresh peppers, fish sauce, lemon, and sugar. It’s a great experience when enjoying the sea breeze while eating the hot grilled squid.

Cambodia Fried Fish

Fish is crispy, especially the rich dipping sauce is made from coconut curry, yellow kroeung, and chili. Fried fish is often eaten with rice, accompanied by vegetables such as cauliflower and cabbage. This is easy to eat for tourists on Cambodia trips.

Cambodia Fish Amok

It would be a pity if you did not try the famous amok fish on Koh Rong Island – one of the dishes that contribute to the impression of Cambodian cuisine. Amok fish is full of Cambodian flavor when it is made from snakehead or catfish with jellyfish, coconut milk, prohok sauce, wrapped neatly in green banana leaves, some more leaf slok Ngor.

Cambodia Bai Sach Chrouk

This dish is very popular on Koh Rong Island, the bai sach chrouk is a white rice dish with thinly sliced pork, pork is marinated in coconut milk or garlic and grilled to create an attractive aroma. Chicken bowls, fresh cucumbers, and red ginger pickled ginger to increase the intensity of the dish. When touring Koh Rong, you will meet this dish on every corner in the early morning.

Lap Khmer

The Khmer salad is delicious and extremely unique. Beef is sliced thin, marinated with lemon juice, mixed with lemongrass, dried onions, garlic, fish sauce, and aromatic herbs. This is a very popular dish in the local Koh Rong as well as Cambodia restaurants.

Cambodia Cha Houy Teuk (Jelly Dessert)

This is a delicious dessert. Cha Houy Teuk is a mixture of sticky rice made from glutinous rice, taro, red bean, pumpkin, jackfruit, and all kinds of colored jelly, eaten with coconut milk and ice will make your body very refreshing.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Koh Rong Island

The Moon Restaurant

With excellent views overlooking the sea and cozy romance inside the restaurant, The Moon serves a variety of southeast Asian cuisines such as Cambodian, Thai dishes. Each dish is decorated with eye-catching. At night, a lot of tourists come here as they sip food while listening to the waves.

Types of food: Cambodian, Asian, and Thai seafood

Address: Sok San beach, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Falafel Sok San Restaurant

The cleanliness of the restaurant, the enthusiastic staff is the plus point for Falafel Sok San, the restaurant specializing in unique, fresh Western dishes, and being always careful in processing has left a deep impression on the tourists of Cambodia tourism package.

Types of food: international cuisine, Mediterranean style

Address: Falafel Sok San, Sok San Village, 18000 Koh Rong, Cambodia

Eat Pray Love Restaurant

Italian-style Mediterranean, this restaurant is very popular with Western visitors by familiar cuisine and taste close to Europe. Every dish is delicately processed by the Italian chef, here you definitely have to try the unique pizza and also the most popular dish here.

Types of food: Italian and European dishes,…

Address: Sok San village main pier | Long Beach, Koh Rong, Cambodia

SiGi’s Thai Food

If you want to taste Thai food, you must visit SiGi’s Thai Food. Although the interior of the restaurant is old and not attractive, the taste of the dish cannot be mixed. In particular, you will have the opportunity to witness the cooking performances of Mr.SiGi.

Types of food: Thai and Asian foods

Address: Koh Rong, Cambodia

Da Matti? Restaurant

No need to go to Italy to enjoy the cuisine of this country, Da Matti? The restaurant always keeps the delicate and fresh taste in each dish such as pizza, pasta, antipasto …, it will be greater if you sip a glass of wine and hear the waves clapping. This is also the ideal place to take pictures for your Koh Rong trip.

Types of food: Italian foods, Mediterranean

Address: Ko Tui Community Pier | Koh Tui Village, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Smile Resort

The romantic BBQ dinner in the evening, the gentle melodious space suitable for those who want to enjoy the cozy and romantic dinner.

Types of food: BBQ, seafood

Address: Phum Koh Touch, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Coco’s Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, various breakfast options, fresh seafood bbq, Italian baked pizza. In addition to the extensive cuisine, Coco Bar offers a variety of tropical cocktails and imported beverages.

Not only do you enjoy live music and DJ performances, but you can also take part in unique games.

Types of food: European and Asian dishes

Address: Koh Rong Island Beach | CoCo Bungalow Resort, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Ponleu Pich Restaurant

This is a super-tasty and super-cheap BBQ bar, not only delicious food, fresh seafood but also the biggest frappe on Koh Rong island. Here, for only $ 5 you can get a set of BBQ seafood with fresh items such as squid, grilled ribs, shrimp, fish served with vegetables, potatoes, bread.

Types of food: BBQ, seafood

Address: Koh Rong Island, Koh Toch Beach, Cambodia

Kim Song Restaurant

Superb restaurant with Cambodian style, Kim Song restaurant will bring you the right Cambodian cuisine, the restaurant also serves a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Types of food: Cambodian foods

Address: Sok San beach, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Bamboo Restaurant

The best seller in this restaurant is the pizza, voted by many tourists as the best pizza restaurant in Koh Rong. The pizza here is tastefully kept intact, service attentive, dedicated. You can try many delicious Asian dishes and unique drinks.

Types of food: Asian foods, pizza

Address: Koh Rong Main Street close to Pier, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Get in

Koh Rong can be reached by a ferry ride from Sihanoukville. The ferries itself are pretty basic. There are wooden benches on either side of the ferry and plastic covers in case it rains.

Typically the roof is accessible, allowing you to stretch out and catch a quick snooze. Make sure you carry a hat and sunglasses for the ride, and use sunscreen if required.

As of 2012 there are two daily ferries leaving Sihanoukville at about 08:00 and 13:30 from the port. Both head to Koh Tuich. The return ferries leave at 10:00 and 16:00 from the island. The boats are quite slow, so the trip takes about 2 hours.

Not all ferries sell water or snacks, so it may be a good idea to carry some with you, especially if you are travelling with children. There is a small toilet on board the ferry which seems to be clean and in decent working condition.

To board and disembark from the ferry you will need to walk on an average sized plank of wood connecting the pier to the ferry. The process is not very efficient and can be a little scary the first time you try it, so bear this in mind if you have any foot injuries, have special needs, etc.

Ferries used to run to two opposite sides of the island.

  • The Dive Shop and Monkey Island ferries pick you up at Monkey Republic near the Golden Lion roundabout at 12:30 (or if you arrange in advance at 13:00 at the bus station). The ferry leaves 13:30 and arrives at Koh Tuich at 15:30.
  • The other ferry running to Sok-San bungalows may not be in operation as of 2012. However, from Koh Tuich you can take a fishing boat for US$25. Better is probably to pre-arrange your arrival when booking the accommodation.

Make sure that the ferry you are booked to take will drop you off at your destination. There have been instances of resort owners refusing to let guests take boats to the other side of the island (Sok-San to Monkey Island etc.), and insisting that you stay on their beach.

Prices seem to vary, depending on season and the place you book at. Expect to pay between US$10 to US$20 for the roundtrip including pickup in the main town area in Sihanoukville, so you should not have to pay extra for it.

Get around

By foot

There are no roads on the island yet so the only way to get around is on foot, however there is no map of trails, so you’ll either need a guide or good instinct and a compass.

However, the resort village areas are easily navigated, there is typically only one path and the only obstacles may be occasional streams.

There are four villages:

  • Koh Tuich (or sometimes just Koh Toch or Koh Tuit) named after the small southeastern island, has seen most tourist development.
  • Sok-San (also known as Bai Tau) is a village at the west of the island at the northern end of the 7-km Long Set beach. Behind the village is a small lagoune, and about 5 minutes walk into the jungle is a big waterfall (only in wet-season).
  • Dam Dkeuw (also known as Dam Skal) is a village at the eastern cost, somehow reminding of venice.
  • Prek Sway is the last village at the east cost.

By boat

The only other option is to hire a local fishing boat to take you around the island.

The trip from Koh Tuich to Bai Tau will be US$25 per boat.

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Phnom Penh
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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


How long to spend in Cambodia may seem like a ridiculous question to address, but if you have plenty of time and aren’t sure how much to dedicate, this blog will definitely help you out. 

How long can you stay in Cambodia? 

Well, as long as you like! From 7 days to a month, there are various ways you can travel across Cambodia and uncover its secrets. Advising an ideal trip length for Cambodia is a bit of a complex challenge, as it depends on several factors such as the places you wish to visit, the activities you plan to join, or if you want to combine Cambodia with its neighbor countries. 

Stay tuned! We are going to sort all these things out including the step-by-step guide to create the best itinerary in Cambodia.


After nearly two years of restricting international arrivals as part of Covid-19 prevention measures, Cambodia yesterday become the first country in Southeast Asia to drop the requirements for both pre-travel PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test and on-arrival rapid antigen test for fully vaccinated travellers into the Kingdom.


Cambodia has abolished the need for a PCR negative test obtained 72 hours before arrival and rapid test upon arrival in Cambodia. They also enable to visa-on arrival system on the strike to facilitate the reopening process of the tourism sector as reported on March 17th, 2022.


Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who is well known to Cambodians, has returned to the Kingdom for the first time since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.

In the past, the American film star directed the film First They Killed My Father here after starring in Tomb Raider, released in 2001, which is considered the first international movie in modern times to introduce the wonder of Angkor Wat to a wider, western audience.

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