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Bago with the glorious past name Pegu or Hanthawaddy, is the capital port city of Bago area, in Southern Myanmar and 80km Northeast of Yangon.

Lying on the river, the alluvial soil brings this land the development of rice agriculture. It is also famous for wood-producing and many long-standing architectural works with high historical value attracting tourists every year.

Best time to visit

It is most recommended that tourists visit Bago (and many other cities in Myanmar) during the months of November – mid-March, when the weather is relatively dry, temperate, and more predictable. This dry season is especially essential when tourists plan on performing outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or traveling by boats.

The March-May period is too hot, which may leave tourists severely dehydrated and even suffering from heat strokes. To the contrary, the August-October months are the region’s rainy season, during which heavy rain and severe flooding are most likely to occur. In general, tourists are recommended to always bring with them enough water and either a hat or an umbrella to prevent dehydration and heat strokes. Mosquitoes repellents may also be useful to avoid the unpleasantness and irritation of mosquito bites.

Check the below table for the general idea of Bago weather throughout the year.

Month Avg. High (°C) Avg. Mean (°C) Avg. Low (°C)
Jan 33.1 25.4 17.1
Feb 35.3 27.1 18.7
Mar 36.8 29.2 21.4
Apr 37.7 30.9 24
May 34.3 29.1 24.1
Jun 31.6 27.4 23.6
Jul 30.8 26.8 23.2
Aug 30.7 26.8 23.1
Sep 31.3 27.2 23.1
Oct 32.8 27.9 23.2
Nov 33.9 27.9 21.6
Dec 32.9 25.7 18

Bago’s current weather and 7-day forecast


Bago is a prominent rice- and timber- producing city that is also famous for its various temples and historical sites. There are some main interesting destinations of this ancient land that you should not miss on the journey in Myanmar.

Shwemawdaw Pagoda

Also known as the “Golden God Temple,” Shwemawdaw is the tallest pagoda in Myanmar, at 114 meters in height. This splendid pagoda was built during the Mon Dynasty. After the stupa was destroyed in a massive earthquake in 1930, it was rebuilt from 1952 to 1954. Tourists will find the pagoda’s architecture and design exceedingly similar, thought relatively less impressive, to the famed Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Hintha Gon Pagoda

Situated on a hill behind Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Hintha Gon is another important Buddhist temple in Bago. The pagoda was built by U Kanti, a Burmese monk known for having designed the Mandalay Hill. When visiting Hintha Gon, tourists will get the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of Bago city from atop the hill.

Kyaik Pun Pagoda

This pagoda is located in the southwestern part of Bago city and home to the Four Seated Buddha shrine, a collection of four statues of the Buddha in four seated positions. According to Burmese legends, the statues were built by four Mon sisters, each of whose marriages would lead to the destruction of one of the statues. The 1930’s earthquake destroyed one of them, which was later renovated. The pagoda itself was a historical building, built by King Dhammazedi in 1470.

Mya Tha Lyaung and Shwethalyaung statues

The Mya Tha Lyaung and Shwethalyaung Buddhas are two famous statues that resemble the reclining Buddha on the day of Nirvana. Of the two, Shwethalyaung is the more spectacular. Located in the western part of Bago city, the colossal Shwethalyaung is 181 feet (55 m) long and arguably one of the most lifelike of all the reclining Buddha figures. Believed to have been built in 994, the statue was lost when then-Pegu was destroyed in 1757. It was later rediscovered by a foreigner in one of Myanmar’s jungles in 1881.

Kanbawzathadi Palace and Museum

This historical building complex is a must-visit destination in Bago. Located north of the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, the palace and museum feature spectacular and unique Mon architecture. The museum, in particular has a unique octagonal shape, and contains various collections of Mon artifacts. Visiting Kanbawzathadi Palace and museum will allow tourists to learn important information about Bago’s history, both as a city and an ancient capital of the Mon Kingdom. Significantly, the palace also served as the residence of King Bayinnaung from 1553 to 1599.

Kalyani Ordination Hall

Finally, tourists will enjoy a visit to Maha Kalyani Sima, a sacred Buddhist hall of ordination, located near the train station of Bago. Kalyani is a prominent pilgrimage site for Theravada Buddhists that houses the Kalyani Inscriptions, a collection of 10 sandstone pillars inscribed with important Buddhist records in Pali and Mon in 1480. After having been destructed numerous times, both by wars and natural disasters, the ordination hall was finally reconstructed in 1954 and continues to remain a sacred Buddhist center until this day.

There aren’t a huge number of eateries in Bago but there is plenty to keep you occupied if you are passing through.

The best food in town is the local Burmese fare which you can pick up for a few dollars. If you want more upscale dishes then you won’t find a huge selection although there are a few restaurants of note.


Located across the road from the Emperor Hotel is the Hadaya Restaurant which has a range of coffees and juices as well as pastries. If you want cafe type food then this is a good choice.

Another option is the Three Five Restaurant which is two doors down from the Emperor Hotel and is a large Chinese restaurant which has a wide variety of dishes between USD 1-2. They also have free Wi-Fi.

Street Food

If you are keen to try the local food then the Morning Market which is located across the river is a good choice and you will find Burmese vendors selling fresh produce in the form of fruit and vegetables. The market also has some stalls selling snacks and simple noodle dishes.

Another good spot for breakfast is the Mote Hin Khar Soup Stand in front of Shwemawdaw Paya which is just a simple stall that sells delicious mote hin khar soup for under USD 1. You can also try the street food stands next to the local Clock Tower which sell dishes like curries and soups and also serve plenty of cold beer and make a good choice if you are looking for something to eat in the evening.

For the hotels along the main road always ask for a room in the back, because this road is where all traffic from Yangon to the east goes through, also at night.

Amara Gold Hotel 

Add: No.481, Mahar Bangola Street, Oakthar Myo Thit, 11101 Bago, Myanmar 

Amara Gold Hotel features air-conditioned rooms in Bago. Among the facilities at this property are a 24-hour front desk and a concierge service, along with free WiFi throughout the property. Free private parking is available and the hotel also offers free use of bicycles for guests who want to explore the surrounding area.

At the hotel, all rooms are fitted with a desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Guests at Amara Gold Hotel can enjoy a continental breakfast.

The Pegu Lodge - 2 star

Add: No 34-35, Bayinnaung Rd Oakthamyothit, Quarter No.2, 08017 Bago, Myanmar

Set in Bago, The Pegu Lodge features a terrace. With a garden, the 2-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, each with a private bathroom. The accommodation offers a 24-hour front desk, room service and currency exchange for guests.

At the hotel, all rooms have a desk and a flat-screen TV. All guest rooms will provide guests with a fridge.

The Pegu Lodge offers a continental or buffet breakfast.

Kanbawza Hinthar Hotel - 3 star

Add: No. A1Bahtoo Road, Quarter 2, 11221 Bago, Myanmar

Kanbawza Hinthar Hotel in Bago provides accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, a bar and a terrace. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi throughout the property. Free private parking is available and the hotel also features bike hire for guests who want to explore the surrounding area.

The hotel offers a continental or buffet breakfast.

The area is popular for cycling, and car hire is available at Kanbawza Hinthar Hotel.

By bus

Tourists can easily reach Bago by bus from Yangon. The journey typically takes two hours. Tickets cost around 2000 kyats and can be purchased from Saw Bwar Gyi Gone bus station in Yangon. This bus station, from which all Bago buses depart is located near the airport, making it convenient for those who fly into Yangon.

With a new highway recently built between Mandalay and Yangon, daily buses to Bago also become available when departing from Mandalay, Hpa An, Mawlamyine, and Nay Pyi Taw. The costs of tickets for these buses range anywhere from 2,000 kyats to 7,000 kyats depending on the point of departure.

We recommend you check the latest bus schedule and price via

By train

Another convenient way to travel between Bago and Yangon is by train. A ticket costs around 1,150 kyats. There are three trains a day coming into the Bago Central Station from Yangon. Tourists who travel from Mandalay and other big cities can also travel to Yangon by train and either take a train ride or a bus ride into Bago.

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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian countries has taken the cautious approach to inbound travel and has had some of the strictest border restrictions and closures. At the moment, the nations of the region are in the beginning stages of reopening their borders for tourism, with every country introducing its own regulations.

The “unlocking” statuses vary widely. Travelers entering Asian countries may be required to do everything from going into quarantine, submitting negative COVID-19 test results, presenting proof of health insurance, and proof of vaccination (known a vaccine passports).

There is an understandable uncertainty with how you should travel to the Asian region if you are planning to. This is why we present you the list of 19 Asian countries, along with details on the current travel situation. As each country applies precisely defined regulations, you should always check the official websites listed in the article below for the latest government announcements.


Myanmar will resume international passenger flights from April 17, the military said on Saturday, lifting a two-year ban on foreign tourists.


Thanaka or  thanakha is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar, seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls, and is used to a lesser extent also by men and boys. The use of thanaka has also spread to neighboring countries including Thailand.

Within this article, we will learn everything about Thanaka and the benefits of its powder in making a secret beauty ingredient of Burmese women.


Burmese Longyi, along with the country’s longtime history, art, and heritage sites has contributed to the richness of the local culture that will grasp your attention whenever you find yourself in strolling around the streets of Myanmar. With just a piece of fabric grasping on the lower part of the body through time, the longyi has made it become an incredible pattern of Myanmar traditional costume for both men and women. In this article, we are going to find out the secret of Myanmar quintessence through Longyi, about why it has been worn for centuries by the Burmese people.

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