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The Inle Lake region is one of Myanmar's most anticipated destinations, and all the hype is justified. Picture a vast, serene lake – 13.5 miles long and 7 miles wide – fringed by marshes and floating gardens, where stilt-house villages and Buddhist temples rise above the water, and Intha fisher folk propel their boats along via their unique technique of leg-rowing. Surrounding the lake are hills that are home to myriad minorities: Shan, Pa-O, Taung Yo, Danu, Kayah and Danaw, who descend from their villages for markets that hopscotch around the towns of the region on a five-day cycle.

Inle Lake weather overview

Owing to its location, Inle Lake belongs to the monsoonal climate with an annual average temperature of 26°C. The climate is strongly high in May, reaching 30°C on average; and slightly falls in January. The average annual rainfall is about 1,370 mm, and the wettest period falls between May and September.

September and October are considered as the most pleasant months to take a trip to Inle Lake because of dry weather, less rain and the time of festivals. The weather in these months can facilitate tourists to visit many places of their interests.

Check the below table for the general idea of Inle Lake weather and climate throughout the year:

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 23°/ 11° 2 days
February 25°/ 12° 0 days
March 29°/ 15° 0 days
April 30°/ 17° 4 days
May 30°/ 19° 22 days
June 26°/ 18° 24 days
July 22°/ 17° 29 days
August 22°/ 17° 31 days
September 23°/ 17° 30 days
October 24°/ 16° 28 days
November 24°/ 15° 9 days
December 22°/ 11° 0 days

Best time to go to Inle Lake

The best time to visit is the dry season (November to February) as the temperature is slightly cooler, with little rain. In terms of average temperature, the variation within the year is not great, but you can expect a significant temperature drop in the mornings and evenings.

Inle Lake seasonal weather guide

The Cool/Dry Season – November to February

The dry season is the coolest time of year with average temperatures of around 22 - 33°C (72 – 91°F), and very little rain, especially in January and February. This weather is good for outdoor activities. While the day temperature is relatively warm, it can get quite chilly in the evenings and mornings.

During this season, you can visit the 5-day market where you can observe the indigenous lifestyle of the Myanmar people, or visit the picturesque Indein Pagoda Complex, or you can also take a boat and enjoy the Inle lake scene.

Phaung Daw Oo Festival

You can also witness the Phaung Daw Oo Festival, which is a religious festival where they ceremonially row images of Buddha around the lake on colorful boats. The date for this festival varies each year, depending on the lunar calendar, but it is usually in October, and celebrated over a period of three weeks.

The highlight of this festival is the rowing competition, where you can see hundreds of leg-rowers. It is a sight not to be missed.

What to bring: Outdoor clothing, warm clothing such as thick jacket, sweater, and windbreaker (as it does get windy especially in February), sunscreen, mosquito repellent.

The Hot Season – March to May

In the hot season, it seldom rains, and the average temperature is about 24 - 35°C (75 - 95°F), with strong sunlight and some rain. Be sure to prepare sunscreen for protection against the sunlight.

Being in the Inle lake region means that the hot season is not as hot as if you are in other parts of Myanmar like Bagan. This means that generally you can still do most outdoor activities even during the hot season, especially activities on the Inle Lake.

On the Inle Lake you can observe the unique fishing method of the locals, or visit their floating gardens. Not only do the locals live on the lake, in houses on stilts, but they also cultivate farmland on the lake itself.

Myanmar New Year

If you are around the region between 13th to 16th April, you can also join in the Thingyan celebration, which is the Water Festival, and then culminate in the New Year Celebration on 17th April.

During the festival, people splash water on each other. Traditionally, the idea behind this is to wash away sins and bad luck. This festive atmosphere is a great opportunity for you to interact with the locals!

What to bring: Outdoor clothing, windbreaker, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, thin sweater for mornings and evenings.

The Rainy Season – May to October

In the rainy season, it rains frequently and heavily, along with some strong winds. The temperature is cooler, with an average temperature between 23 and 33°C (73 - 91°F). The rain also brings humidity.

There are obvious reasons why rainy season is not usually the traveler’s first choice of time to visit. Firstly, you cannot do as many of the outdoor activities as you would like, such as cycling or trekking. The ground tends to be muddier and the sky murkier as well.

Less Crowded

Nevertheless, there are other considerations why you might come during the rainy season, and there are positive sides to the rainy season too. Rainy season is the low season for Myanmar, which means you can expect fewer tourists.

If you prefer fewer crowds, you might enjoy the rainy season better. The temperature is slightly cooler than during the hot and dry season too. So, if you have an aversion to heat, the rainy season can be a better alternative.

What to bring: Outdoor clothing, warm clothing such as thick jacket, sweater, and windbreaker, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, rain jacket, umbrella.

Inle Lake current weather & 7-day forecast


By flight (Domestic)

The easiest way to get to Inle Lake (and the most comfortable) is by domestic flight. The closest airport is in Heho, which is a 1 hour taxi-ride away from the lake itself. Taking a taxi from the airport is expensive, as of April 2019 there is a rate of 30000 to 40000 Kyats to go to Nyaung Shwe.

If you baulk at the high fare, the taxi drivers will attempt to gather other travelers to share the taxi and split the fare. You will pay a lot less by sharing your taxi. By comparison a taxi from Yangon airport to the city centre (45 min.) is just 10000 Kyats or 8USD (Aug. 2018). A possible way to save money is to book a taxi in advance with your guesthouse.

When returning, you can often save by booking a shared taxi through your hotel or one of the many travel agents around. Check with them the day before you fly out.

Prices for flights are around US$110 from Yangon and US$75 from Mandalay, but unlike bus companies the government is heavily involved in the domestic air market, a good chunk of your money will be going into their hands.

By bus

A less expensive but more uncomfortable and time consuming option is that which most Myanmar people take - the bus. Buses depart daily, and cost around US$14-20 from Yangon (12 hours) or US$12 (7-8 hours) from Mandalay. The journey from Bagan has improved a lot; 2 buses at 7:30 and 19:30; it takes 7 hours to Kalaw and ~8,5 to Nyaung Shwe, and costs 11,000.

Bus arrives directly to Nyaung Shwe, walking distance to many guest houses. Overnight buses do run and with the new road between Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw the time taken for the trip has been shortened. Large Westerners can squeeze in OK and if they have booked ahead will have a seat.

Do not expect much sleep on over night trips as loud music and or video will be played over a screen at the front of the bus. TV entertainment usually ends at around 10-11PM, but music might remain - so take some earplugs with you.

It's worth emphasizing that buses are *heavily* air-conditioned - they aim to maintain +18 Celsius inside, and it might be quite uncomfortable to sleep. Overnight buses are most likely to provide blankets, but it'd still be reasonable to have some warm closes with you in the cabin.

There are three daily aircon buses leaving Hsipaw at 3, 4 and 5pm for Kalaw (10-12hrs)/Nyaungshwe (11-13hrs)/Taunggyi (12-14hrs), 15.500 Kyat (April 2016). In case you will be dropped on the highway in Shwenyaung instead of Nyaung Shwe, it's another 15 min by share taxi 8$ or by motorbike taxi (2000-4000 Kyat / person) ride to the south. Buses also pass through Pyin U Lwin on the way.

From southern destinations like Hpa An or Kyaiktiyo you can change buses in Bago instead of going through Yangon.

Attention: Tourist Tax

A 15,000 Kyat (or 10 USD) zone fee or tourist tax applies to visit Nyaung Shwe and the area around Inle Lake. The zone fee is collected at a toll post while driving or hiking into town. Expect to be woken up (if you take a night bus) by several Burmese men asking for money a few minutes before you reach your destination. This tax will always be collected when taking a bus to Nyaung Shwe.

By train

A train coming from Kalaw, Thazi or even from Yangon (direct), can bring you to Shwenyaung, which town is situated only 13 km away from Nyaung Shwe, the main touristy town where you'll find most accommodation, restaurants, souvenirs shops as well as travel agencies and tour guides.

The train from Kalaw is about 3.5 hours through mountains and fields, lots of scenic views on the way. Prices are: 500K (lower class) or 1150K (upper class).

The train from Yangon is about 30 hours, direct, including a 5 hours-stop in Thazi where passengers can have a rest and sleep (in the train). Price is about 4000K (lower class), 9400K (upper class). Train depart at 11am. You can book your ticket from train office (opposite the Sakura Tower) but you will need to bring your passport with you for the booking. Definitely the cheapest way to get there.

To get from the train station at Shwenyaung to your accommodation in Nyaung Shwe, you can either catch a pick-up truck if you are lucky (1000K) or take a taxi for 10000K, negotiable at least down to 8000K.

Pick-Up / Line-ka

A very cheap option from Taunggyi is a pick-up (1 hour and around US$0.40). The bus from Yangon might drop you off near the Shwenyaung train station where a taxi will be waiting for you for $8 to take you 10km into town. You may be able to hail down a pickup truck with seats (like a songtaew) for less.

Just like in other key tourist destinations in Myanmar, there is no shortage of dining establishments at Inle Lake and it may be a rural destination, but that does not mean the place is lacking when it comes to gastronomic delights. The restaurants at Inle Lake can be divided into two categories. The first serve local Inthar dishes or Shan cuisine. Often, Chinese food is not far behind Shan dishes in a typical menu. The second category encompasses more western-style eateries that normally specialise in pancakes and pasta. The mix of western and local dishes makes for a more cosmopolitan approach.

Ann's Restaurant

One of the most recommended places to dine in Inle Lake is Ann's Restaurant. This is the place visitors should go for a taste of local Inthar specialities. The menu of this establishment also includes tasty Burmese and Chinese dishes and Ann's Restaurant is guaranteed to give diners a unique experience with meals straight from its Shan kitchen.

Location: Myan Ni Gone Village, Nha Phay Kyaung P.O

Aroma Restaurant

Those wanting a break from the local Shan and Chinese dishes, as well as pancake and pasta dishes, should consider a visit to Aroma Restaurant. It specialises in Indian food, and also has a branch in the ancient city of Bagan. The tasty Indian meat and vegetable curries are worth a try.

Location: Chaung Road.

Four Sisters Restaurant/Inn

The Four Sisters Inn is actually a hotel that has a great restaurant also open for non-guests. The restaurant came first, and the business expanded to include a quiet guesthouse. This dining establishment is known for its excellent Shan dishes, but the meals are made extra special with the addition of music and dance.

Location: 105 Strand Road, Nan Pan Quarter, Nyaung Shwe.

Golden Kite Restaurant

Around Inle Lake, the Golden Kite Restaurant is considered to be the top dining destination when it comes to pasta and pancakes. The place is also known for omelettes, fruit shakes and its vegetarian tagliatelle. Tourists love this place because the majority of the staff speak English well and are knowledgeable about the preferences of foreign travellers.

Location: Yone Gyi Road, Nampan Village.

Inn Thar Lay Restaurant

This dining destination is a welcome sight to hungry visitors to the nearby Phaungdawoo Pagoda. The Inn Thar Lay Restaurant, which is in a quaint two-storey wooden house, is highly recommended for its Shan and Chinese cuisine. Dining in the Inn Thar Lay Restaurant is a great way to cap off a visit to Inle Lake's most famous shrine.

Location: Near the Phaungdawoo Pagoda.

Miss Nyaungshwe Restaurant

Most restaurants in Inle Lake either serve pancakes and pasta, or Shan and Chinese cuisine. Miss Nyaungshwe Restaurant falls in both categories, as its menu includes all the aforementioned dishes. Aside from the food, the good views are also one of the reasons people frequently visit; this is because of the outdoor patio. Miss Nyaungshwe also has a good selection of bottled beers.

Location: Phaungdaw Seiq Road, Nyaung Shwe Township.

Unique Superb Food House

This restaurant may seem like just an ordinary patio with half a dozen tables, but the food served here is described perfectly by its name – superb. This joint has successfully catered to taste of tourists without losing its local flavour and while the restaurant serves mostly Shan dishes, the speciality of the house is its mouth-watering filet mignon.

Location: 3 Myawady Road, Nyaung Shwe Township.

Smiling Moon Restaurant

This establishment can be found just down the street from the Golden Kite Restaurant. In fact, Smiling Moon also has a similar menu. It is smaller than the Golden Kite, and it has fewer tables, however, the place is clean and the restaurant staff members are friendly. The dishes served are also inexpensive, which is a fact welcomed by travellers on a budget.

Location: Yone Gyi Road, Nampan Village, Inle Lake.

There are so many things to do in Inle Lake that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Myanmar – nor anywhere else in Asia. Set in the Shan Plateau, Inle Lake is an incredible destination that cannot be missed from your Myanmar itinerary. 

From the floating villages on stilts to the vibrant floating market, the beautiful Indein pagodas, lotus silk workshops to wine tasting and an unforgettable sunrise boat tour! 

1- Take a boat trip on the lake

Well, this is a pretty obvious one. You simply can’t visit Inle Lake and not take a boat tour to explore the lake; it’s the area’s main attraction! Most boat tours begin from the town of Nyaung Shwe to the north of the lake, but if you are staying in a hotel around the lake, they can organise a boat to pick you up directly.

You can hire a boat for a few hours, but we’d recommend a full day hire, including either sunset or sunrise. There is so much happening around the lake, and so much to see. You’ll watch locals going about their daily activities, see entire villages built on stilts out over the water, and marvel at floating hydroponic gardens. All boating on the lake uses the traditional, slender, long tail wooden boats, which makes the experience even more unique. Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

2- Visit the Floating Gardens

Twenty-Five percent of Inle Lake is covered in floating gardens, where locals mainly grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and a few other vegetables, in large gardens that rest on the surface of the lake. These garden beds are built up from the mud and weeds that the locals gather from the deeper parts of the lake. During your boat trip, you may see them piling up those weeds onto their boats.

The tomatoes from Inle Lake are the nicest in the country, and are normally picked green. They are used to make the traditional Myanmar tomato salad, that consists of sliced tomatoes, shallots, peanuts, and a lovely sesame seed dressing. It was one of our favourite dishes to eat in Myanmar.

As you check out the gardens, you’ll find many locals standing or sitting on their boats in amongst the vines, picking vegetables or pruning and weeding their gardens. Cruising past row after row of these amazing floating gardens is an incredible experience.

3- Visit the stilt villages

Most of Inle’s villages are built on top of stilts out over the water. 

The main inhabitants of the villages are the local fishermen and farmers, but the villages also contain shops, schools, and small temples or pagodas; and all of those buildings are set on stilts!

As you cruise past, you will come across many locals going about their daily chores. You’ll often spot the locals bathing or doing their laundry in the lake.

Some villages are working villages, which specialise in crafts such as silk and lotus root weaving, boat making, and pottery. Many of these do seem targeted at tourists, but they don’t seem to care very much whether or not you buy anything. They are happy to demonstrate their skills regardless. That’s the Burmese spirit, always smiling and always friendly.

4- Watch the sunrise and sunset

Watching the sun rise over the lake is amazing. Perhaps getting up early is not your thing (me neither), but it’s worth it to watch the sun rise over the mountains behind the lake. The scene in front of you is nothing short of spectacular. Plus it’s so peaceful out on the water at that time. Apart from a few local fishermen beginning their day, everyone else is still asleep.

If you really can’t wake up for sunrise, then at least make sure you catch a sunset. Sunset is a lot busier, with more tourist boats around, but it’s still pretty amazing as well.

5- Take a hot air balloon ride over the lake

If you think that hot air ballooning is just found in Bagan, you’re wrong. Oriental Ballooning runs morning balloon flights in Inle Lake from October to April. These balloons are smaller than the ones in Bagan, and it’s a fair bit less popular, but the scenery during the flight is nonetheless breathtaking. 

6- Watch the traditional fishermen do their tricks

Intha fishermen have a unique leg-rowing technique. They wrap one of their legs around their oar to guide their boat through the water, leaving both of their hands free to handle their nets. This has become a big tourist attraction in Inle Lake, and some of them will patiently wait on the lake for the next tourist boat to come along, before performing a little fishing show. They balance on one leg, perched at the stern of their boat, holding their big conical nets. It’s a pretty incredible balancing act. 

The best times to see these performances are just after sunrise or around sunset. Bare in mind that if they perform for you, they will expect a tip. 

7- Shop at Inle Lake’s “five-day” market

The market is called the “Five-Day-Market” because the local people rotate the market around five different lakeside villages, over a five-day period. These markets are colourful, very picturesque and always super busy. People travel to the market from all over the region to buy and sell produce. Plus the markets are also full of tourists! Most people arrive by water, which makes finding a place to tie your boat rather tough. Somehow the boat drivers always seem to find a way to make it work however! Trading is also conducted on small boats out on the water, so as you approach the market, expect a visit from boats full of trinkets. It is a great place to buy souvenirs.

8- Visit the local temples and monasteries

Just because you’re in Inle Lake, that doesn’t mean you won’t come across lots of temples. After all, the locals are predominantly Buddhist, and you’ll find temples all over the country, including Inle Lake. But unlike most places in Myanmar, in Inle Lake, you’ll also find temples on stilts!

Over two hundred monasteries dot the lake, but the most popular one seems to be Nga Hpe Kyaung, also called the Jumping Cat Monastery. It’s a weird name I know, but it’s named after the cats that the resident monks would train to jump through hoops. But that was in the past. These days the cats can’t be bothered with any of that, and they prefer to spend their days lazying around the monastery instead. But the monastery is still worth a visit. It’s a beautiful wooden structure built on stilts, housing an impressive collection of ornate Buddhas, and of course many sleepy cats.

9- Visit the Paduang women

The Paduang women (also known as the long neck women) wear brass coils around their necks, arms, and legs. They start wearing them from an early age, and the weight of the rings pushes their collar bone down and compresses their sternum and rib cage. This makes their necks appear longer. The reason for doing this is unknown, although some say it was initially done to protect their body from tiger attacks!

10- Take a day trip around the beautiful countryside

If you decide to spend some time on the ground instead of on the water, take a car or bike trip around the stunning countryside surrounding Inle Lake. You’ll come across lots more villages, and endless, beautiful fields full of blindingly yellow sesame flowers. They’re so pretty! Along the way you may also get caught up in a water buffalo created traffic jam!

11- Take a two-hour boat trip to Sagar Village

Sagar Village is a ruined royal capital situated at the far southern end of Inle Lake. It is full of ancient monasteries and pagodas. It’s a much quieter part of Inle Lake because most tourists don’t make it that far south.

However the best part of the visit to Sagar is not the village itself, but the boat journey to get there. As you leave the main body of the lake, and your boat winds down the narrower waterways on its way to Sagar, you’ll have plenty of time to lean back and enjoy your idyllic and picturesque surroundings. Although it takes some time to get there, you won’t be bored. With the hazy Blue Mountains constantly on the horizon, you’ll pass by floating farms and several more stilt villages. You’ll come across ponds covered with lotus flowers, and spot migratory birds flying above you. The whole journey there was spectacular, and the camera had another good workout!

12- Visit the Pindaya Caves

The Pindaya caves are next to the town of Pindaya, just under two hours drive from Inle Lake. Set deep into the limestone hillside, these caves are stacked with over eight thousand statues of Buddha. Some date as far back as the 18th Century. The Buddhas are in all different styles and sizes and are made from white marble, bronze, emerald, painted plaster, or wood coated with gold leaf. The limestone cave reaches back about 490 feet into the hillside, and it’s a jaw-dropper. It’s an important pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists, and for us non Buddhists it’s a very unusual and fascinating temple to visit. It’s quite far from Inle Lake, but it was well worth the visit. If you are visiting Kalaw, then it is much closer to get to from there. 

The Inle Lake region is one of Myanmar’s most hyped up destinations. However, unlike many top sites, Inle Lake always lives up to its expectations. To help you experience the best of Inle Lake, we’ve put together a list of the best hotels and hostels.

Best Budget Places to Stay in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Song of Travel Hostel

The Song of Travel Hostel is the friendliest, comfiest and most chilled out hostel you will ever stay at, even if you’ve stayed in your fair share of hostels! This huge hostel is fairly new with a super cool backpacker community. The staff are ridiculously friendly, knowing everybody by name and they set up activities every night for travellers to mix and have fun. The dorm rooms are just as modern, with all bunks having their own power sockets, reading lights and private curtains. As if this wasn’t enough, the hostel also offers a trendy rooftop lounging area, free bikes to rent and a complimentary breakfast! (Prices start at $15 a night for a bed in a dorm)

Bright Hotel

Bright Hotel is very basic but has everything you need at a budget price. Located just a 5 minute walk from Nyaung Shwe Jetty, you are close to Inle lake as well as the local village market. As well as localization, the hotel should also be praised for its service. The staff are very attentive, making sure that the rooms are kept clean and that you enjoy your homemade breakfast (they have pancakes!). Rooms are simple but large and comfortable, complete with powerful fans and good WI-FI. (Prices start at $10 a night for a dorm bed)

Manaw Thukha Hotel

Although one of the cheapest stays in Niang Shew, Manaw Thukha Hotel provides you with high quality and comfort. Each accommodation unit at the hotel is equipped with big rooms, complete with AC and private en-suites. The rooms are also quite colourful with a very country-feel to the decoration. Located just a 10 minute walk from town, you can spend your days at the Nyaung Shwe Market or exploring the beautiful scenery at the lake. The hotel offers free bike rental for a fun way to get around! (Prices start at $9 a night for a dorm bed)

Best Mid-Range Places to Stay in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Apex Hotel

The Inle Apex Hotel is a great affordable option for accommodation by Inle Lake. The hotel has recently been refurbished so both outside and in are in great condition, yet the furnishings are still traditional. This is especially true for the charming rooms; each room is spacious with comfortable beds and rattan furniture, which will make you feel at home. The staff will also make you feel like family, whether they are helping you organise boat tours and taxis at a local price or bringing you drinks while you watch the sunset on the roof terrace. (Prices start at $35 a night for a standard double or twin room)

Yar Pyae Hotel

For a more central location, Yar Pyae Hotel is situated in town just off the main street. Here you get all the benefits of being close to Inle Lake, the Aye Tharyar Golf Course and Nyaung Shwe Market, while also benefiting from the peacefulness of the countryside. The hotel has a very relaxed atmosphere, the highlight being the rooftop bar where you can kick back and have a drink. It also offers bike rental at $1/day, an a la carte breakfast and help to arrange boat trips and night buses. The rooms here are comfortable with almost a nautical theme about them. The highlight is the big door that leads to your private balcony!  (Prices start at $30 a night for a standard double or twin room)

The Manor Hotel

If you see a big cabin on stilts in the centre of a village, you’ve reached The Manor Hotel! A beautiful building with great character, the hotel and rooms are kitted out with soft wooden furnishings that make the term ‘glamping’ come to mind. The rooms are like sizeable cabins themselves, with minimal wood furnishings, a comfortable bed and en-suite. Being located in a village, you are never far away from great local restaurants and bars, and the impressive Mingala Market. To explore further you can hire a bike or car from the hotel. (Prices start at $30 a night for a standard double or twin room)

Best Luxurious Places to Stay in Inle Lake, Myanmar

ViewPoint Lodge & Fine Cuisines

If you’re looking for true luxury by Inle Lake or want to splurge after the long hike from Kalaw? ViewPoint Lodge & Fine Cuisines will give you exactly what you need. Located 15 minutes away from Inle Lake by boat, this truly unique hotel is suspended over water. The cottages at the hotel, linked by a bridge, have a lot of character with impressive interior architecture and private balconies. Being so close to where the Inle Lake boat tours start, you can organise your trip earlier so that you beat the crowds! As well as the rooms and the beautiful and quiet location, the main luxury is the Burmese food. Whether you fancy local, French or Western, the food and local wine is outstanding! (Prices start at $130 a night for a superior double or twin room)

Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort

If you want a luxury hotel where you can really chill out, Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort should be at the top of your list. Suspended over water with its bungalows linked by a bridge, the rooms facing outwards have stunning views of Inle Lake. Each spacious bungalow offers rustic-style rooms and private balconies with a view (sunset is particularly stunning!). After a long day of site seeing you can kick back in the outdoor pool, take a trip to the spa centre or relax in your private bathtub. If this bewildering place still hasn’t captured your heart, then maybe its location will. You are only 15 minutes away from The Floating Market of Heya Ywama Village! (Prices start at $95 a night for a deluxe double or twin room)

Inle Lake View Resort & Spa

A peaceful retreat, Inle Lake View Resort & Spa is accessible only via canal. Set amongst the lush greenery of Nyaung Shwe with the backdrop of rolling mountains, you can’t get much more private than this! To get around, the staff will help you plan your day depending on what’s going on and where, and you can even hire a boatman for the day for your own private tour! With days filled with sightseeing and canoeing, you can come back to the resort for a soothing massage or relax in your room with stunning lake views. The suites in the resort are lavish, yet still providing a comfortable and cosy feel. (Prices start at $200 a night for a deluxe double room)


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Shan Plateau Trek
Trek & Hike / 10 days / fr. $1,360

This trek throughout the Shan Plateau is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover remote ethnic tribes, nature and historical monuments of Shan State. Covering the loop of the beautiful Inle La... More

Meeting Tribes in Myanmar Meeting Tribes in Myanmar

- Myanmar -

Meeting Tribes in Myanmar
Trek & Hike / 19 days / fr. $2,470

This 19 day- trip offers you an original and unforgettable approach to Burma between treks, navigation, cultural discovery, meeting minorities. Apart from Burma, many minorities, warm and welc... More

Hidden Myanmar Hidden Myanmar

- Myanmar -

Hidden Myanmar
Trek & Hike / 30 days / fr. $3,900

Take a challenging trek to Nagaland that lies on the border of India and Myanmar. Explore the ancient hunting trails of Naga Warriors who are known for their now-defunct practice of headhunting. Ex... More

Romantic Honeymoon in Myanmar Romantic Honeymoon in Myanmar

- Myanmar -

Romantic Honeymoon in Myanmar
Honeymoon Vacation / 14 days / fr. $2,100

Get captured in the spirit of your honeymoon dream in Myanmar! Perfect for the active and adventurous honeymooners, who want to experience culture, exquisite cuisine and natural beauty. Enjoy an ex... More

Memorial Honeymoon in Myanmar Memorial Honeymoon in Myanmar

- Myanmar -

Memorial Honeymoon in Myanmar
Honeymoon Vacation / 7 days / fr. $1,220

Start the transition into a new chapter in life with a romantic trip to Myanmar. The first few days cover the must-sees such as Yangon’s colonial buildings, the temples of Bagan, and Inle Lak... More

Vietnam & Myanmar Contrasts - 16-Day Itinerary Vietnam & Myanmar Contrasts - 16-Day Itinerary

- Asia -

Vietnam & Myanmar Contrasts - 16-Day Itinerary
Luxury Holiday / 16 days / fr. $3,519

Discover the kaleidoscope of cultures and histories that define Myanmar and Vietnam. Encounter incredible traditional cultures, admire picture-perfect landscapes and explore ancient heritage sites.... More

Myanmar Must-see & Mergui Archipelago Cruise Myanmar Must-see & Mergui Archipelago Cruise

- Myanmar -

Myanmar Must-see & Mergui Archipelago Cruise
Cruise / 20 days / fr. $3,790

The combination of the big four - Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake, and the magnificent Mergui Archipelago. There are activities like fun puzzles to solve, cultural experiences and hands on wo... More

Back to Nature in Myanmar Back to Nature in Myanmar

- Myanmar -

Back to Nature in Myanmar
Wellness & Leisure / 11 days / fr. $2,420

Exploring the nature of Myanmar in the remote area around Inle Lake & the magnificent Mergui Archipelago. Leave the tourist trail behind and discover an authentic corner of Inle Lake. Journey p... More

Central Burma Cycling Adventure Central Burma Cycling Adventure

- Myanmar -

Central Burma Cycling Adventure
Cycling & Biking / 14 days / fr. $2,170

With plenty of flat picturesque landscapes mixed among the low hills and one or two tough slopes we’ll ride; the route is a nice mix for both experienced and novice cyclists. Journey off-road... More

Trekking Tribes & Tradition of Myanmar Trekking Tribes & Tradition of Myanmar

- Myanmar -

Trekking Tribes & Tradition of Myanmar
Trek & Hike / 20 days / fr. $2,655

Explore Myanmar’s melange of traditional villages, ethnic groups and rich culture. Encounter a diverse mix of hill tribes in remote Kengtung, come face-to-face with Asian elephants in Kalaw a... More

Burmese Mysterious Adventure Burmese Mysterious Adventure

- Myanmar -

Burmese Mysterious Adventure
Trek & Hike / 30 days / fr. $3,995

Explore Myanmar’s melange of traditional villages, ethnic groups and rich culture. Explore Myanmar remote villages in the far north frontier. Encounter a diverse mix of hill tribes in remote... More

A Restorative Journey Through Myanmar A Restorative Journey Through Myanmar

- Myanmar -

A Restorative Journey Through Myanmar
Wellness & Leisure / 15 days / fr. $1,960

Embark on a restorative journey through the heart of Myanmar’s most idyllic destinations. Meditation practice in Yangon, mesmerizing temple visits in Bagan, yoga, and elephant encounters in K... More

The Best of Cambodia & Myanmar Tour Package in 3 Weeks The Best of Cambodia & Myanmar Tour Package in 3 Weeks

- Asia -

The Best of Cambodia & Myanmar Tour Package in 3 Weeks
Must-see / 21 days / fr. $2,960

Get a look at two of Asia’s most complex but beloved countries. In Cambodia and Myanmar explore sites that echo of glorious former kingdoms and of tragic recent events. Experience pristine sw... More




Mergui Archipelago
Mergui Archipelago

Ngapali Beach
Ngapali Beach

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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian countries has taken the cautious approach to inbound travel and has had some of the strictest border restrictions and closures. At the moment, the nations of the region are in the beginning stages of reopening their borders for tourism, with every country introducing its own regulations.

The “unlocking” statuses vary widely. Travelers entering Asian countries may be required to do everything from going into quarantine, submitting negative COVID-19 test results, presenting proof of health insurance, and proof of vaccination (known a vaccine passports).

There is an understandable uncertainty with how you should travel to the Asian region if you are planning to. This is why we present you the list of 19 Asian countries, along with details on the current travel situation. As each country applies precisely defined regulations, you should always check the official websites listed in the article below for the latest government announcements.


Myanmar will resume international passenger flights from April 17, the military said on Saturday, lifting a two-year ban on foreign tourists.


Thanaka or  thanakha is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar, seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls, and is used to a lesser extent also by men and boys. The use of thanaka has also spread to neighboring countries including Thailand.

Within this article, we will learn everything about Thanaka and the benefits of its powder in making a secret beauty ingredient of Burmese women.


Burmese Longyi, along with the country’s longtime history, art, and heritage sites has contributed to the richness of the local culture that will grasp your attention whenever you find yourself in strolling around the streets of Myanmar. With just a piece of fabric grasping on the lower part of the body through time, the longyi has made it become an incredible pattern of Myanmar traditional costume for both men and women. In this article, we are going to find out the secret of Myanmar quintessence through Longyi, about why it has been worn for centuries by the Burmese people.

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A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, of dynamic megacities and hill-tribe villages, Vietnam is both exotic and compelling.
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Friendly and food-obsessed, hedonistic and historic, cultured and curious, Thailand tempts visitors with a smile as golden as the country's glittering temples and tropical beaches.
bee-white Cambodia
There's a magic about this charming yet confounding kingdom that casts a spell on visitors. In Cambodia, ancient and modern worlds collide to create an authentic adventure.
bee-white Laos
Vivid nature, voluptuous landscapes and a vibrant culture collide with a painful past and optimistic future to make Laos an enigmatic experience for the adventurous.
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