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The beautiful islands of the Mergui Archipelago (also known as the Myeik Archipelago) lie off the Tanintharyi coast in the extreme south of Myanmar. While pearls and marine products from the region are sought after, it is the huge untapped potential of the archipelago as a beach and ecotourist destination that could really transform the area's economy. So far, though, Myanmar has resisted taking advantage of some of its most beautiful assets, although there is talk of opening up a few of the islands in the near future. But most of the islands are uninhabited (and they are much smaller than Thailand's islands), making tourism a challenge. For now, the few islands that do have people remain home to tiny villages with hardly any infrastructure and mixed populations of Burmese and the semi-nomadic Moken, so-called ‘sea gypsies’ who move from island to island and live by fishing.

Mergui Archipelago weather overview

Mergui Archipelago has the tropical monsoon climate prevailing. Average temperatures vary very little. Considering humidity, temperatures feel hot all year with a very low chance of rain throughout the year. The area is less temperate than some — in the 30th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide.

If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Mergui, the hottest months are April, March, and then May. See average monthly temperatures below. The warmest time of year is generally mid April where highs are regularly around 94.8°F (34.9°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 78.1°F (25.6°C) at night.

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 29°/ 26° 1 days
February 30°/ 26° 1 days
March 31°/ 27° 2 days
April 31°/ 27° 11 days
May 30°/ 28° 23 days
June 30°/ 27° 28 days
July 29°/ 27° 25 days
August 29°/ 26° 31 days
September 29°/ 26° 24 days
October 30°/ 27° 25 days
November 30°/ 26° 9 days
December 29°/ 25° 0 days

Best time to go to Mergui Archipelago

As with much of the rest of Myanmar, November to April is the high season for visiting the Myeik Archipelago. December to February offers the most beautiful and comfortable weather conditions – with warm, sunny weather, steady winds, and calm seas. There is less wind and higher temperatures in March and April, which also makes for clearer waters and the best time for diving and snorkeling.

From May to July there are strong onshore winds and a larger swell (with occasional hurricanes) and the rainy season is from June to October; cruises of the Archipelago do not operate from the beginning of May until the beginning of October. If storms do arrive during the monsoon, the region has numerous large islands which provide protected anchorages at any time of year – and in general the area provides safe sailing, with few dangerous reefs or obstacles. 

Mergui Archipelago monthly weather guide


On average, it is maximum 30° in january on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 23° degrees. In january there are 10 days of rainfall with a total of 33 mm and then it will be dry 21 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.

Suitable month for:

  • sun holiday
  • road trip
  • walking and cycling holiday


On average, it is maximum 31° in february on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 24° degrees. In february there are 9 days of rainfall with a total of 20 mm and then it will be dry 19 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.

Suitable month for:

  • sun holiday
  • road trip
  • walking and cycling holiday


On average, it is maximum 31° in march on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 25° degrees. In march there are 15 days of rainfall with a total of 38 mm and then it will be dry 16 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.

Suitable month for:

  • sun holiday
  • road trip
  • walking and cycling holiday


On average, it is maximum 31° in april on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 26° degrees. In april there are 18 days of rainfall with a total of 64 mm and then it will be dry 12 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.

Suitable month for:

  • sun holiday
  • road trip
  • walking and cycling holiday


On average, it is maximum 31° in may on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 27° degrees. In may there are 26 days of rainfall with a total of 200 mm and then it will be dry 5 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.


On average, it is maximum 29° in june on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 26° degrees. In june there are 28 days of rainfall with a total of 462 mm and then it will be dry 2 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.


On average, it is maximum 28° in july on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 26° degrees. In july there are 29 days of rainfall with a total of 483 mm and then it will be dry 2 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.


On average, it is maximum 28° in august on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 26° degrees. In august there are 28 days of rainfall with a total of 410 mm and then it will be dry 3 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.


On average, it is maximum 28° in september on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 26° degrees. In september there are 28 days of rainfall with a total of 324 mm and then it will be dry 2 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.


On average, it is maximum 29° in october on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 26° degrees. In october there are 28 days of rainfall with a total of 205 mm and then it will be dry 3 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.


On average, it is maximum 31° in november on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 25° degrees. In november there are 19 days of rainfall with a total of 70 mm and then it will be dry 11 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.

Suitable month for:

  • sun holiday
  • road trip
  • walking and cycling holiday


On average, it is maximum 30° in december on Mergui Archipelago and at least around 24° degrees. In december there are 10 days of rainfall with a total of 28 mm and then it will be dry 21 days this month on Mergui Archipelago.

Suitable month for:

  • sun holiday
  • road trip
  • walking and cycling holiday

Mergui Archipelago current weather & 7-day forecast


If you are wondering where to spend your beach holidays without hustle and crowds, Mergui Archipelago is an ideal option to relax and spoil yourself. Having more than 800 islands and islets with the diverse ecosystem, pristine beaches, colorful marine life, lush jungle, ancient mangrove forests, hidden sea caves as well as various flora and fauna, Mergui or Myeik Archipelago is definitely a place worth to explore. There are a lot of things to do in Mergui from water – based activities to inland adventures.

Here are the best things to do in Mergui Archipelago:

1. Diving and Snorkeling

Mergui Archipelago is considered as one of the best places for diving and snorkeling in Myanmar and in Asia in general. Endowed with the sparkling turquoise water and rich aquatic ecosystem of vivid coral reefs and a variety of exotic sea creatures, diving and snorkeling in Mergui are the not – to – be – missed activities. Owing to the isolated location, this island complex is still mysterious to many tourists, therefore, the diving sites here are very quiet and unspoiled. You can enjoy your discovery into the spectacular underwater world without the noise of the boat engine or the tourists.
Some famous dive zones in Mergui are Burma Bank, Black Rock and Shark Cave which offer an amazing dive among the vibrant corals reefs and many chances to spot the unique sea species like Batfish, Moon Wrasse and Frogfish. 
There are several diving and snorkeling operators in Mergui Archipelago that offer the good diving facilities and courses such as Andaman Dive Resort, A – One Diving and Asia Whale.  

2. Swimming and Sun Bathing

When talking about Myanmar beach holidays, we cannot forget to mention the stunning beaches of Mergui Archipelago. What is more fantastic than spending a day lying on the white soft sand of the beach and enjoying the sunlight and a delicious cocktail. Or you can soak into the relaxing cool water of this award - winning archipelago and forget all worries about the daily life. 

3. Sailing and Kayaking

If you want to explore further the island complex, to the secret sea caves and ancient mangrove creeks, sailing and kayaking are available. 

The journey not only offers you a great discovery to the archipelago but also bring a lot of breath – taking landscapes. You can also have a chance to see some indigenous birds and reptiles when accessing to the mangrove forests.   

4. Hiking and Jungle Trekking

The islands of Mergui Archipelago feature not only the stunning beaches but also lush vegetation of various flora and fauna which are worth to explore. Hence, owing to the fact that a large number of islands in this archipelago stay uninhabited, there are 2 notable places for you to discover: Macleod Island and Lampi Island. 

The trek give you a chance to immerse in the beauty nature of exotic plants and unique animals. If you are lucky, you will see some of the globally - protected birds in Lampi island – the Burmese national marine park where more than 230 bird species nested in. 

For someone who wish to have a spectacular panoramic view through the greenery forest and the deep blue sea, the hike will lead you to the top of the mountain. This is a great opportunity for you to catch the jaw - dropping sunset and capture some amazing photos.     

5. Meeting the Moken - Sea Gypsies

The natives of the massive Mergui Archipelago are the Moken, so called Sea Gypsy who know for the incredible free diving skills and nomadic lifestyle. For centuries, they roam around the tropical islands by the Kabang (an indigenous boat) and live as hunters and gathers.

Meeting the Moken - Sea Gypsies is one of the most interesting activities in things to do in Mergui

Coming to Mergui Archipelago, tourists will have a chance to visit the villages of the Moken to experience their culture and their sea - based way of life.  You can try paddling the Kabang; observe the spear – fishing method, collect the food from the seabed and many more.  

Myeik offers a bit of everything in this very mixed town: an interesting Indian, fine Thai, great Chinese, excellent Burmese, acceptable Western, great tea shops, a good coffee shop bakery and a wonderful rooftop bar.

White Pearl BBQ & Restaurant

Located across from the main waterfront on Strand road with a casual open air pub atmosphere, White Pearl BBQ is a favorite for travellers and expats living in Myeik. We had a great afternoon here over lunch and cold beers. 

They have a large menu with plentiful BBQ options, and curiously, a delicious sashimi menu (rumor has it their chef worked in Japan for many years). We quite enjoyed the squid on ice, and our beers were notably nice and cold. 

Address: White Pearl BBQ and Restaurant No14, Strand Roa

Shwe Mon

This friendly Bamar restaurant serves what is one of the richest, tastiest chicken curries we've come across yet, as well as a yummy prawn curry. Be sure to order one of the vegetable side dishes (K500) that change daily. All the food is on display, so just pick and point.

Kaq Kyi Kaiq

This hole-in-the-wall noodle vendor specialises in tasty kaq kyi kaiq: scissor-cut noodles fried with seafood in a wok over a wood fire. The shop is in the Muslim quarter (no roman-script sign), just down the road from a large blue mosque: you'll see people gathered around the wok.

Zan Pya

Zan Pya is a small place serving heaped plates of delicious chicken biryani that often sell out early. Look for the large aluminum pots a couple of doors up from the OK Mobile store (there's no roman-script sign).


Myeik institution that serves bowls of kyè òu (noodles) and other noodle and rice dishes to hordes of locals. Look for the big white villa and the small English sign. There's outdoor seating, but no alcohol is served.

G Apparao Restaurant

This long-standing Muslim teashop serves good tea and a variety of freshly made snacks, as well as simple rice and noodle dishes. It never closes.

Green Eyes Cafe

Atmospheric teashop-restaurant located in a traditional wooden house. It's popular for tea and snacks, but also does curries, rice and noodle plates, and even a couple of Western-style dishes. Not much English spoken, but the staff are friendly. There's no sign; it's almost opposite the hotel of the same name.

Mergui Archipelago's accommodation scene has improved dramatically in recent years, although foreign visitors are relatively scarce compared to elsewhere in Myanmar. Most hotels and guesthouses are located close to the harbour and seafront. The cheapest places along Strand Rd aren't licensed to accept foreigners.


There are several ultra-basic "guesthouses" in the area around the main piers, a few of which accept foreigners. Often, conditions are grim and prices for foreigners are astronomical.

White Pearl Guesthouse

Add: Middle Strand Road, Talking Zu Quarter

Very newly opened guesthouse, with breakfast, friendly staff, but not too much English spoken here, except the owner.

Clean rooms, clean facilities, definitely good for the price! The owner also arranges bus tickets and trips to the archipelago. 

Grand Jade Hostel

Add: 28 Baho Street, Myeik 

Twin dorms with hot shower and fan for 12 USD per person are a new alternative. Although without breakfast it is a absolute steal with the great rooftop terrace. A little Indian shop offers better breakfast as the toast and jam from most of the hotels. The next door supermarket has great coffee from 1200 Kyats.


There are a couple of state run hotels.

There is a very comfortable Western-operated (French) hotel a couple of km out of town on the main road heading north-east; prices here are reasonable.

Dolphin Guest House

Add: on the main road from the airport. 

Clean, breakfast included and relatively fast Wi-Fi (reception in room above dining area is best). Manual motor bikes can be rented here for c. MYK10,000 per day (09:00-18:00). Book the bike a day before - check your brakes work. Fuel c. MYK1,000/L (1L for c. 1.5h). 

The Mergui Hotel

This hotel is a fair distance from the Strand Rd (tuk-tuk drivers will charge up to MYK4000 to get there) but is one of the nicer hotels in town and close to the airport (free shuttle service). It has fast Wi-Fi, a range of satellite channels and perfectly acceptable rooms. 


Hotel Grand Jade

Add: 28 Baho Street, Myeik

Buffet breakfast on the roof top. Free pick up / drop off to airport and bus station if booked directly. Fine restaurant and half decent cocktail bar on the rooftop for relaxed evenings. cheapest minibar in whole Southern Myanmar. Professional travel agency it the lobby offering everything from day and overnight island trips to competent onward travel solutions 

From Yangon

You can find regular flights from Yangoon (Rangoon) to Kawthaung (Victoria Point), which is the gateway for discovering Myeik Archipelago. It takes only about 1 hour 40 minutes to fly. There are several domestic airlines operating between the two destinations. Air Bagan, Yangon Airways and Air Mandalay are the most popular airlines offering flights from Yangoon to Kawthaung. But remember flights between these two places are known for frequent cancellation or delays due to weather and other unpredictable circumstances. From Kawthaung, you can hop on to the express boats to reach Myeik.

From Bangkok

If you want reach Mergui from Bangkok, you can either fly or travel by bus or train to arrive at Ranong, which is a small town on the Thai side border on Pakchan River. Mergui is situated 40 nautical miles from Kawthaung and Ranong. There are regular flights from Bangkok to Surat Thani. From Surat Thani, you can reach Ranong by car, which will take about 2 hours 30 minutes. Also, you can board the train to Chumphon and from there you can travel to Ranong by car. Alternatively, you can fly to Phuket from Bangkok and reach Ranong by private or public transport.

From Phuket

Phuket is one of the easiest way to reach Mergui Archipelago, since you have the options to travel by air as well road. There are regular direct flights between Phuket and Ranong. You can also find numerous buses and mini-vans travelling between these two destinations. After reaching Ranong, you can board the long tail boats at the jetty to get to Kawthaung. Simply ask the boat man that you need immigration stamp and he will guide you in the right direction.


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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian countries has taken the cautious approach to inbound travel and has had some of the strictest border restrictions and closures. At the moment, the nations of the region are in the beginning stages of reopening their borders for tourism, with every country introducing its own regulations.

The “unlocking” statuses vary widely. Travelers entering Asian countries may be required to do everything from going into quarantine, submitting negative COVID-19 test results, presenting proof of health insurance, and proof of vaccination (known a vaccine passports).

There is an understandable uncertainty with how you should travel to the Asian region if you are planning to. This is why we present you the list of 19 Asian countries, along with details on the current travel situation. As each country applies precisely defined regulations, you should always check the official websites listed in the article below for the latest government announcements.


Myanmar will resume international passenger flights from April 17, the military said on Saturday, lifting a two-year ban on foreign tourists.


Thanaka or  thanakha is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar, seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls, and is used to a lesser extent also by men and boys. The use of thanaka has also spread to neighboring countries including Thailand.

Within this article, we will learn everything about Thanaka and the benefits of its powder in making a secret beauty ingredient of Burmese women.


Burmese Longyi, along with the country’s longtime history, art, and heritage sites has contributed to the richness of the local culture that will grasp your attention whenever you find yourself in strolling around the streets of Myanmar. With just a piece of fabric grasping on the lower part of the body through time, the longyi has made it become an incredible pattern of Myanmar traditional costume for both men and women. In this article, we are going to find out the secret of Myanmar quintessence through Longyi, about why it has been worn for centuries by the Burmese people.

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