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Thailand’s original beach resort is no palm-fringed castaway island and arguably is the better for it. Instead, Hua Hin is a refreshing mix of city and sea with lively markets, good golf courses and water parks, excellent accommodation and an ambience that just keeps getting more hip and cosmopolitan. In fact, many visitors never even step foot on the sand. By the mid-1920s Hua Hin was a full-fledged resort town for the Bangkok-based nobility – even Kings Rama VI and VII built summer palaces here. There’s still a lot of money swirling around Hua Hin, but it remains a good budget destination: seafood is plentiful and cheap, there’s convenient public transport and it takes a lot less time and effort to get here from Bangkok than to the southern islands.

Hua Hin Weather Overview

The climate in Hua Hin is tropical with high humidity, especially during the summer months of March, April and May. For rest of the year, the weather remains fairly pleasant with occasional bouts of rainfall especially in August and September. 

Here is the break-down of Hua Hin weather during some different periods of year.

November to February: This is generally considered as the best time to visit Hua Hin because the weather is pleasant and you are most likely to be blessed with dry, sunny days. December and January see the maximum influx of tourists so book your tickets and hotels in advance to avoid the soaring prices. No matter what the temperature is, you must always carry a bottle of sunscreen if you are going to lounge on the beach.

March to May: The months of March, April and May are the hottest time of the year. Outdoor activities can be a little uncomfortable under the strong sun, but this hardly affects tourists who come to Thailand all through the year. If you plan to go at this time, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and a hat.

June to October: June, July, August and September experience light to heavy rainfall. Many tourists avoid travelling to Hua Hin at this time so if you don’t mind the rains, this is a good time to find good deals on flights and hotels. Pack a sturdy pair of shoes to beat the puddles.

Check the below table for the general idea of Hua Hin weather throughout the year

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 32°/ 22° 0 days
February 32°/ 22° 1 days
March 33°/ 24° 1 days
April 33°/ 25° 7 days
May 35°/ 26° 15 days
June 33°/ 26° 12 days
July 33°/ 25° 5 days
August 31°/ 25° 21 days
September 31°/ 24° 17 days
October 32°/ 24° 21 days
November 31°/ 23° 6 days
December 30°/ 21° 0 days

Best time to go to Hua Hin

Weather-wise, the best time to go to Hua Hin is from November to February. It’s also a time of year that many people can get time off work, and it’s also over the Christmas and New Year holidays for many people, therefore that’s an added advantage, but it also means that November to February is also the peak season in Hua Hin, which means prices for travel and accommodation will be more expensive.

If you want to travel to Hua Hin out of the peak tourist season, you might have to put up with the high humidity from March to May, but if you’re planning on spending most of your time by the pool and shopping in malls, you’ll be fine.

Planning on sightseeing in Hua Hin from March to May? You might want to stick to early morning and late afternoon tours. There are some great things to see and do when sightseeing in Hua Hin from the modern to the historical.

Timing your trip in the last week of February and early November, means you might miss the crowds, and enjoy some really nice weather, but accommodation might be more expensive than travelling from March to October.

Below is the best time for some popular attractions or activities in Hua Hin

The best time to go kitesurfing in Hua Hin

Kitesurfing is very popular in Hua Hin and it really makes the coastline come alive with action and activity.

The Kitesurfing season is generally from October to May, however Hua Hin has prime wind conditions and many people kite surf all year round. Check wind speeds here to see realtime conditions and decide on the day if you will have a lesson or not.

If you’re interested in trying kitesurfing for the first time in Hua Hin, there are some great schools that have top equipment, awesome instructors and lesson packages for kids (8yrs and up) and adults.

The best time to get married in Hua Hin: November to February

It’s always a good time to get married, but if you’re concerned about the weather and the humidity you might want to avoid getting married in Hua Hin from March to May and the chance of rain is higher in August and September.

The best time to visit Hua Hin and hold the destination wedding of your dreams is from November to February.

Get inspiration for your dream destination wedding in Hua Hin and discover why this resort seaside town is a beautiful location to get married.

The best time for swimming 

There’s a jelly fish season in Hua Hin, so be careful from June to October and especially after it has rained.

Throughout the year, you might see the big round jellyfish washed up on the shore on your morning walk. There are reports that it is worse during the rainy season, from July to October and anytime after it rains, there might also be little stingers in the water around that time, too.

There are sea snails that wash up on the shore very occasionally and are poisonous if touched, so keep an eye on kids to make sure they don’t pick them up. There are also sea nettles, a type of jellyfish, that are clear but have a brownish tinge in parts. These are the ones that sting.

Stay out of the ocean during these times: after it rains, when the water temperature is warm, when the breeze is coming from the sea and when the water is murky.

Most resorts have some incredible pools either overlooking the ocean or right besides the ocean.

The InterContinental Hua Hin Resort has a beautiful pool that unfold across the manicured lawn of the resort. Choose a cabana, a deck chair, or lie on the tiled beds in the pool that overlook the ocean.

Hua Hin Current Weather & 7-Day Forecast


The sleepy town of Hua Hin sits right on the ocean, two and a half hours south and a world away from the hustle and bustle of Thailand's capital, Bangkok.

Before this small town of 60,000 people became a tourists' favorite, it was best known for being home to Klaikangwon Palace, the summer residence of one of Thailand's former kings back in the 1920s. Today, it's the perfect getaway to some of the country's best national parks and quietest beaches.

If you're thinking of stopping by here when visiting Thailand, plan your travels with our list of the top attractions and things to do in Hua Hin

1. Beaches

Hua Hin’s main beach stretches from the center of town south for four miles coming to the foot of Khao Takiab, or Monkey Mountain. The long and wide beach is ideal for families with its firm sand, gentle slope, and generally calm and year-round warm waters. Groupings of sunbeds with their own beach umbrellas are dotted along the foreshore, and pop-up Thai restaurants come bars ensure you will never go hungry or thirsty. They’ll even deliver. Sunbeds cost around $6.50 for the day or half that if you buy food or drinks from the operator. Given the length of the beach, you will never feel crowded or hemmed in. There is always an abundance of space to lay down your beach blanket and laze away your day.
Immediately south of Monkey Mountain is Khao Takiab Beach, Hua Hin’s second major beach that stretches a further five miles south. The foreshore at the northern end is occupied by small resorts and local restaurants. This section of the beach again offers an abundance of umbrellaed sunbeds. Walk south along the beach half a mile and you have it to yourself except for the occasional local fishermen. Casuarina trees line the shore and offer protection from the sun. 

2. Royal Palace and Hua Hin Train Station

There are two opportunities to delve into Hua Hin’s royal history at the train station and King Rama VI’s Palace of Love and Hope (Maruekhathaiyawan Palace.) 

A short distance from the center of town, Hua Hin’s railway station is undeniably attractive, and an Instagrammers dream. Dating back to the 1920s, the brightly painted wooden buildings are Thai in concept and design yet somehow manage to have a Victorian feel to them. Shades of yellow and red are the predominant colors. Still an operational station, it harks back to train travel of an earlier time. The Royal Waiting Room on the main platform immediately adjacent to the station building was used by Thai Royals when visiting their seaside summer residences. Often featured on postcards and t-shirts, the building is one of Hua Hin’s most recognizable landmarks.

Built in 1923, Maruekhathaiyawan Palace is different from many of the grand Thai royal palaces of the era. Situated on the beach and surrounded by lawns and gardens, the palace is built entirely of teak timber in three sections connected by long covered walkways. Initially abandoned after the death of Rama VI, the buildings have been lovingly restored and provide a window into royal life back then. The palace can be visited every day except Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. The ticket office closes at 4 p.m. Respectful attire is expected of all visitors.

3. Finger Wharf Restaurants

Hua Hin and fresh seafood go hand in hand, and one of the best places to sample the bounty from its waters are the seafood restaurants right in the middle of the historical center of Hua Hin. Old timber finger wharves that stretch out into the ocean have been converted into open-air seafood restaurants that always pull crowds. Enjoy fresh prawns, fish, crabs, squid, and flathead lobsters all cooked Thai style and best washed down with a cold beer, under the balmy night sky, with green lights of the local boats coloring the horizon. 

4. Wild Elephant Spotting

Just 60 miles south of Hua Hin is one of the best locations in Thailand to see wild Asian elephants in their natural environment. Kui Buri National Park is home to around 320 elephants (as of 2016) and the most significant population of gaurs in Thailand, with an estimated 100 individuals. Native to South and Southeast Asia, the gaur is a species of wild cattle and the largest bovine species in existence. It’s been listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 1986. The park has a rich diversity of mammal and other fauna with a recorded 245 species of birds.

Open daily year-round, the best viewing time for the elephants and gaur is late afternoon. Arrive around 3 p.m. to join one of the safari viewing vehicles. These open-backed pickup style trucks carry up to eight people and drive slowly through the park to designated wildlife observation areas, while the keen-eyed guides keep a lookout for the ‘prey.’ The park is open till 6 p.m. with the last vehicle entry by 5 p.m. More than 90 percent of visitors report seeing these magnificent animals during their drive.

5. Wine Tasting

Just 45 minutes’ drive west of Hua Hin, at the foot of the mountains separating Thailand and Myanmar is the sprawling Monsoon Valley Vineyard. Owned by Thailand’s largest wine producer, Siam Winery, Monsoon Valley has a total of 270 acres planted with varietals such as colombard, chenin blanc, sangiovese, shiraz, and dornfelder. 

Such production is possible due to developments in technology, viticultural advances, and the impacts of climate change–all combining to broaden the world’s suitable latitudes for grape growing. Monsoon Valley and other Thai vineyards are part of a new trend in viniculture called “New Latitudes.” Such export quality wine production can also be found in Vietnam and Bali as well as unlikely locations like Bolivia, Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, India, and Sri Lanka.

Take a guided vineyard tour to learn how vines grow in this tropical climate, then drop into the Sala Bistro and tasting rooms. With expansive views over the vines, the Sala Bistro is worth a few hours of your time, sampling their international award-winning wines, or perhaps taking one of the food and wine pairing packages for a relaxed lunch. 

6. Golfing

Offering nine international standard courses within an hours’ drive of central Hua Hin, the Royal Coast is a golfer’s paradise, and perhaps the best year-round golfing location in Thailand. Arguably the most famous of all courses in Hua Hin is Black Mountain. After hosting several Asian PGA Tour events, Golf Digest magazine named it one of the 100 best golf courses outside the U.S. Another great course nearby, Banyan Golf Club, was awarded 2009 Best New Course in the Asia-Pacific region by the readers of Asian Golf Monthly and has consistently claimed ‘Top 3 in Asia’ awards. 

For all Hua Hin’s courses, the warm, dry months of November to February see competition for tee times at their peak. During August and September, the annual Hua Hin Golf Festival offers some of the best golf packages and green fee deals available, and importantly, less congestion on the courses.

7. Authentic Thai Food

Thai cuisine is considered one of the best, as demonstrated with CNN Travel naming it the World Best Street Food. Then there are renowned Michelin star Thai restaurants like Namh in London and Bangkok. Or in the USA, Andy Rickers’ Pok Pok (Thai) restaurant empire.

Traveling within Thailand provides the opportunity to experience the four major Thai regional cuisines and their signature dishes. An alternative way to learn about and experience Thai food first hand is through quality food tours. Feast Thailand is a Hua Hin based operator offering a collection of tours guaranteed to introduce you to real Thai cuisine in all its variations and nuance. Highly recommended.

8. Kiteboarding

Hua Hin’s four-mile-long main beach, warm, shallow waters, and the most extended wind season in Asia make Hua Hin the perfect place to learn to kiteboard. October through May is the primary kiteboarding season, and with a good selection of IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certificated schools based here, you are spoiled for choice. If kiteboarding isn’t for you, then how about SUP–stand up paddleboarding?

9. Night Market

Hua Hin’s top three night markets are Cicada, Tamarind, and the Hua Hin Night Market. The latter operates seven nights a week year-round in the center of Hua Hin town. Cicada and Tamarind are side by side south of the town center and run weekend evenings only. Tamarind, the smaller of the three, is an open-air market operating Thursday to Sunday focused on tasty, inexpensive street food with an emphasis on Thai. There is usually live entertainment to add to the atmosphere.

In a garden-like environment, the sprawling Cicada Market (open Friday to Sunday) is at the top of most visitor lists, thanks to its mix of arts, crafts, entertainment, and the most stupendous central open-air food court. There are no knock-off handbags, clothing, or other cheap imitation goods here, just vendors selling unique crafts and fashion including recycled fashion accessories and knick-knacks. There is also an artists zone where local artisans create pieces large and small as you watch.  Cruise the laneways of art and craft stalls then head to the food court for a dizzying selection of stands offering well-priced Thai curries, noodle dishes, fresh seafood, and more. Leave room for dessert as that section of the food court is very tempting. 

10. Sam Roi Yot National Park 

Sam Roi Yot National Park is easily accessed from Hua Hin with the northern entrance to the park just 39 miles south of the city. This coastal park covers 38 square miles and is naturally divided into two by the line of limestone mountains referred to in its name–Sam Roi Yot or ‘mountain of 300 peaks.’ The coastal side of the park includes mangrove marshlands, pretty beaches, and three accessible caves including the Sam Phraya Cave and its Royal Pavilion. For an bird’s eye view of the lowlands make the scramble up to Khao Daeng Peak viewpoint.  

On the inland side of the mountains is the RAMSAR listed Thung Sam Roi Yot freshwater wetlands. This 11.5 square mile section of the National Park is a birdwatcher and photographer’s paradise. Around 355 bird species have been recorded in park, half of them migratory. Visit January and February to see waterbirds on their flight path between Asia and Australia–one of the best seasonal birdwatching locations in Thailand.

If your time in Hua Hin is short, you could combine Sam Roi Yot and Kui Buri National Parks into to a two-day one-night excursion from Hua Hin. But to do it justice, you need a couple of days to best experience Sam Roi Yot’s natural diversity and features. Nearby Dolphin Bay is a great place to base yourself.

There are numerous dining spots serving Western, Indian and Japanese food. For those looking for a drink after the sun goes down, there is an ample supply of bars and pubs, some of which have live music. In addition, all of the hotels have bars and lobby lounges, many featuring live entertainment. All the hotels and resorts have restaurants too, and these range from top-notch specialty and international cuisine, to light meals of Thai and Western varieties. Highly recommended are the buffet spreads laid on by top hotels for breakfast, lunch and dinner – definitely worth the expense since you’ll get to sample an enormous variety of Thai, Asian and Western food.

You Yen Hua Hin Balcony

This is a perfect way to enjoy the breathtaking coastline of Hua Hin. You Yen Hua Hin Balcony is situated right on the beach with a panoramic view over the Gulf of Thailand. The building was built in 1920s and the wooden furniture used in the beach seating area gives a strong nostalgic vibe. The signature dishes of this tropical restaurant are traditional Thai snacks and Tom Yum Goong, a spicy and delicious soup dish.

You Yen Hua Hin Balcony, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110, Thailand, +66 32 531 191

Livanto Lifestyle

Livanto Lifestyle offers a more high end dining option in Hua Hin. The interior of the restaurant is classy, and modern touch, with wooden floors and furniture. The elegance of the restaurant is matched by the creative cuisine, fusing Thai and western ingredients such as imported meat from Australia and New Zealand paired with local spices and vegetables. If you are shopping in the Central Hua Hin Shopping Street, this is the place to treat yourself a big meal.

Livanto Lifestyle, 19 Damnernkasem Rd, Hua Hin, +66 32 514 448

Saeng Thai Seafood

Situated right next to the fishing pier along the Gulf of Thailand, Saeng Thai Seafood seems to be a prefect place to enjoy a big seafood dinner. This open air restaurant doesn’t have fancy interior design, but everything is authentic and local. With an amazing view of the coastline, it offers the seafood caught fresh daily at a reasonable price. What’s better is that you can also have a say in how the seafood is cooked.

Saeng Thai Seafood, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, +66 32512144

Let’s Sea Hua Hin

If you’re looking for a chic and modern place to relax in the tropical Hua Hin, Let’s Sea Hua Hin is definitely the place to dine. Situated in the Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort, this elegant pub offers you a fantastic view of the coastline. With comfortable sofas and tropical palm trees, the pub is dedicated to bring you the most relaxing ambience in this seaside city. Fusing Thai cuisine with international flavours, the pub’s soft shell crabs and lobsters are among the most popular options.

Let’s Sea Hua Hin, Hua Hin, Tambon Nong Kae, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110, Thailand, +6632536888

Chatchai Market

Your Thai journey can never be completed without a visit to local markets and a taste of traditional Thai street food. Chatchai Market is a night market where you can find every Thai thing you are looking for. You can go shopping or try the street food, or both. From fried seafood to Tom Yum Goong, you can tuck into your favourite Thai dish and then browse the local handmade products for sale nearby.

Chatchai Market, Hua Hin 72, Tambon Hua Hin, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110, Thailand

Palm Seafood Pavilion

Located in Hua Hin’s Sofitel Centara Hotel, Palm Seafood Pavilion is more than just a seaside dining option. Palm Seafood pavilion serves the freshest seafood from nearby seas and prepares them to order. The restaurant provides an exquisite and luxurious ambience, with a colonial style pavilion. Make a reservation in advance as seats are very limited.

Palm Seafood Pavilion, Hua Hin, 77110, Thailand, +66 32 512 021

Jim Daeng

Jim Daeng is a family run restaurant along the beach front with panoramic views of the ocean. The restaurant emphasizes the freshest ingredients in the region by purchasing freshly caught seafood from fishermen every morning. Apart from seafood, the sauces are made exclusively for you using their secret recipes of local herbs and spices, perfectly complementing the seafood with genuine Thai flavour.

Jim Daeng, Sam Roi Yot, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77120, Thailand, +66 858 089 050

Baan Itsara

This is a seaside restaurant in Hua Hin that offers exceptional seafood and an elegant ambience. Baan Isara is located in a two-storey high wooden building built with traditional Thai architectural influences. The wall is painted in green to add a pinch of playfulness to the building. The restaurant is extremely popular among the locals and Thai people often come here on the weekend. The squid salad is highly recommended to start a fresh and delicious seafood meal.

Baan Isara, 39, 401 Hua Hin 102, Tambon Nong Kae, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110, Thailand, +66 32 510 671

The Moon Terrace

The Moon Terrace is among one of the most popular beach side restaurants along the coast of Hua Hin. However, when you look closer, you will find out that this restaurant is literally built on the water. The seating area is a pier extended from the beach to the sea, and it allows you to get very close to the ocean. With passionate and engaging Thai hospitality and service, you will enjoy a fascinating fish and seafood menu filled with locally sourced ingredients and authentic Thai cooking techniques.

The Moon Terrace, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110, Thailand

Heidi’s Garden Restaurant

Imagine combining Thai cuisine with the Swiss style of cooking and Heidi’s Garden Restaurant has done just that, showcasing how this combination creates magical flavors. The decoration has a homely ambience, with tiny details and flowers, giving you an opportunity to unwind. This restaurant highlights its creativity in many of their signature dishes, including the Zurich style sliced pork and ‘Gordon Bleu’ cordon bleu pork.

Heidi’s Garden Restaurant, Tambon Hua Hin, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan, 77110, Thailand, +6632532367

While staying in Hua Hin can be as amazing as all the things to do there, finding the hotel that is right for you can be tough. This laid-back destination, and a popular getaway for Bangkok residents, is filled with quality accommodation options, ranging from all sizes and prices. So let’s find out together some of the best places to stay in Hua Hin?

Cape Nidhra Hotel

In a perfect beachside location, the sophisticated Cape Nidhra brings to the table all that a high-end traveler might look for an exceptional stay in Hua Hin. The rooms are elegant and enormous (some come with their own pool!) and fully equipped with modern amenities. The property, the staff, the food… everything is just impeccable and will most likely have you falling in love with this hotel – no wonder it’s a favorite among couples and one of the best hotels in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Evason Hua Hin

A taste of luxury in an eco-friendly environment proving that, yes, you can have it all! Evason Hua Hin has 185 rooms, including 40 private pool villas. Besides its superior facilities with a focus on sustainability, the hotel offers a long list of activities, such as archery, golf, and windsurfing. It’s a family-friendly hotel in Hua Hin, whereas the young ones can get entertained in the kids club and even have sleepovers at night with professional supervision.

Hub Hua Hin 57

Hub Hua Hin 57 is a great cheap hotel in Hua Hin. It has a convenient location, only a 5-minute walk from Hua Hin Beach and 200m from Hua Hin Night Market. Spotlessly clean rooms, very comfortable beds, and an attentive staff make Hub Hua Hin 57  an excellent option for budget accommodation in Hua Hin. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend much but sleep very well.

The Moon Hostel Hua Hin

Strategically situated in the heart of Hua Hin town, this popular and affordable hostel grants easy access to several of its must-see attractions. The Moon Hostel features a terrace, a shared lounge, and a shared kitchen, plus free Wi-Fi throughout the property. They also have family rooms and selected rooms that have a kitchen with a microwave, a fridge, and a toaster. All rooms come with a seating area – and the certainty of a pleasant stay. If you are looking for good hostels in Hua Hin, you just found it.

From Bangkok

Hua Hin and Cha-am can be easily reached by train, bus or mini-van from the city. Air-conditioned buses leave for the three hour journey to Hua Hin from the Southern Bus Terminal on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River once every thirty minutes beginning at 04:00 in the morning and stopping just before midnight. Plan your trip to the bus terminal so that it avoids morning and evening commute traffic. Traffic into Thonburi is always heavy so be sure to allow extra time.

On the way to Hua Hin, buses stop at Cha-am on Phetkasem Hwy in the middle of town. From the Cha-am bus stop, it is a short distance to the beach and most resorts. All trains going south stop at Hua Hin, but the most convenient is the all second class Special Express Diesel Railcar leaving Bangkok's Hualumphong Station at 07:45 and arriving in Hua Hin at 11:00. A few trains going south also stop at Cha-am, with the most convenient being train 261, a 3rd class only diesel railcar departing Hualamphong Station 9.20AM and train 169, a rapid train with both 2nd and 3rd class seats departing at 3.35PM. Both trains take approximately 4 hours for the trip. Unless you have a real aversion to buses, they are much more convenient than the train when travelling to Cha-am. 

From Koh Samui

Bangkok Airways no longer flies to Hua Hin from Phuket and Samui. Combination ferry/train tickets or ferry/bus tickets can be arranged with travel agents on Koh Samui. Most trips depart Koh Samui in the late afternoon and arrive in Hua Hin in the early hours of the morning. The train journeys all involve taking a ferry from Samui to Surat Thani, a bus to the Surat Train station and a train Hua Hin. Although this sounds complicated, it is actually very easy and you have the option of booking sleeping accommodations on the train. If you go by train, expect to pay from 500 to 1000 baht, depending upon the class of train service you choose.

Most people travel by 2nd class sleeper, a decision that involves choosing a fan or air-conditioned car. The latter is vastly preferable, not because it is cooler, but because it is so much quieter. The fan cars invariably have the windows open and this brings in the noise of the train as it clatters along the tracks. You will have to get off at Hua Hin as the trains tourists use don't stop at Pranburi or Cha-am. Travel by bus is less involved and less expensive, approximately 600 baht. Passengers board the buses on Koh Samui. The buses then drive onto the ferry, disembark on the mainland and proceed by highway to Pranburi, Hua Hin or Cha-am. The journey takes approximately 9 hours.

From Phuket

Sadly, the absence of flights from Phuket to Hua Hin has made the journey between resorts rather arduous. It is possible to take a bus from Phuket to Surat Thani and then take a train to Hua Hin, but it is faster, and probably easier, to simply take the bus all the way to Hua Hin. Expect a trip of about 10 hours and a fare of approximately 500 baht. Numerous buses bound for Bangkok leave the bus station in Phuket town in the late afternoon and will drop passengers in Hua Hin in the early morning hours.

Renting a Car

A large number of people choose to drive themselves to Hua Hin and its sister resorts in a rent-a-car. The journey from Bangkok is straight forward and the road easy to follow with the major road signs in both Thai and English. There are interesting stops along the way, including the Floating Market at Damnoen Saduak, the giant orange chedi at Nakorn Pathom and Petchaburi's numerous ancient wats.

The world's major car rental companies have outlets at Bangkok International Airport and in Bangkok itself. Although generally a gentle people, when Thais get behind the wheel of a car they can be aggressive. Remember to drive defensively and to give way to any vehicle larger than yours.

Getting To Pranburi Beach

Pranburi is easily reached by air-conditioned, express buses from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal. Although not as frequent as buses to Hua Hin, they leave at regular intervals throughout the day. If you don't like buses, you can take the train to Hua Hin and then a taxi to Pranburi. Train 169 stops at Pranburi, taking about 5 hours and arriving at 8.44PM.

All train stations and many travel agencies will arrange train tickets for you. For more information on rail travel, contact the State Railway of Thailand at +66 (02) 220 4334. The State Railways also have an English language website at Bus tickets and travel by mini-van or limousine can be arranged through travel agents, including those found in major tourist hotels.

Limousine and van transport arranged by a hotel is the easiest way to get to Pranburi. Although more expensive, you avoid the hassle and expense of transportation to and from the bus terminal and train station.


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12-day Thailand Luxury Holiday & Vacation
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17-day cycling the Southern of Thailand tour 17-day cycling the Southern of Thailand tour

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17-day cycling the Southern of Thailand tour
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Designed with road bikers in mind, cycle the smooth tarmac roads of Thailand’s south while passing some of the most scenic coastal roads and limestone karst formations. Along the way, see fri... More

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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


International travelers to Thailand will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination or ATK test results from October 1st, 2022 onward.

In a new move to attract travelers during peak season, Thailand is doing away with the requirement of needing vaccination certificates or Covid-19 negative results in the case of unvaccinated passengers. Additionally, those infected with Covid-19, but have mild symptoms don’t need to isolate from next month. The same applies to those who test positive but display no symptoms.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul announced these changes on Thursday after the National Communicable Diseases Committee (NCDC) had a meeting on Wednesday.

Instead of isolating those who have contracted the disease would be required to wear a mask, socially distance themselves from others and wash their hands frequently for the first five days. They also need to stay away from those who are immunocompromised and vulnerable.

Dr. Sophon Iamsirithaworn, deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control, informed that since the present Covid-19 mutation doesn’t cause serious symptoms in most people, disease control measures can be relaxed.

National Security Council secretary-general Supoj Malaniyom added that the new measures are being put in place to help improve the economic conditions of the country.

“The primary aim will be to ensure the economy is back on track so people could earn their livelihoods once more,” he said.


How long to spend in Thailand may seem like a ridiculous question to address, but if you have plenty of time and aren’t sure how much to dedicate, this blog will definitely help you out. 

How long can you stay in Thailand? 

Well, as long as you like! From 10 days to a month, there are various ways you can travel across Thailand and uncover its secrets. Advising an ideal trip length for Thailand is a bit of a complex challenge, as it depends on several factors such as the places you wish to visit, the activities you plan to join, or if you want to combine Thailand with its neighbor countries. 

Stay tuned! We are going to sort all these things out including the step-by-step guide to create the best itinerary in Thailand.

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