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Ko Samet has been attracting backpackers making the relatively short hop from Bangkok for years, but these days you'll find just as many Thais and Chinese tour groups. The sandy shores, cosy coves and aquamarine waters attract ferry-loads of Bangkokians looking to party each weekend, while tour groups pack out the main beach and many resorts. Fire-juggling shows and beach barbecues are nightly events on the northern beaches, but the southern parts of the island are far more secluded and sedate.
Despite being the closest major island to Bangkok, Ko Samet remains surprisingly underdeveloped, with a thick jungle interior crouching beside the low-rise hotels. Most of the southern coves have only one or two resorts.

Best time to visit

In terms of the best time to visit Koh Samet, the location of the island means that it misses most of the main monsoon weather and is warm and sunny year round. Whilst it does experience some rain and seasonal variations, the brilliant climate accounts for its attraction. Showers are more likely to take place between the months of May and October, with September usually ending up the rainiest month, whilst the sunniest months are October until February.

Check the below table for the general idea of Koh Samet weather throughout the year.

Month Avg. High (°C) Avg. Mean (°C) Avg. Low (°C)
Jan 31.3 26.4 21.7
Feb 31.6 27.9 24.4
Mar 32.4 29.1 25.9
Apr 33.3 30.1 26.7
May 32.9 30.1 27
Jun 32.3 29.7 26.6
Jul 31.8 29.2 26.4
Aug 31.9 29.2 26.1
Sep 31.6 28.7 25.4
Oct 31.9 27.9 24.6
Nov 32.6 27.8 23.8
Dec 31.9 26.8 22.1

Koh Samet’s current weather and 7-day forecast


Nadan Pier

If you’re travelling by ferry from Ban Phe to Koh Samet, you’ll arrive at Nadan Pier. The area around the pier has a limited selection of cheap accommodation options and several Thai and international restaurants.

Samet Town Centre

Koh Samet’s tiny town centre is home to a selection of souvenir shops, pharmacies, restaurants and bars. You’ll find Koh Samet’s cheapest accommodation in the town area a short walk from Haad Sai Kaew, although the nightlife makes getting a good night’s sleep tough.

Haad Sai Kaew

Koh Samet’s most popular beach, Haad Sai Kaew is the centre of activity on the island. While the large crowds and countless beachside bars and restaurants mean it’s far from quiet, Haad Sai Kaew’s white sand and calm water makes it a good choice for sunbathing and swimming.

Ao Hin Khok & Ao Phai

Located just south of Haad Sai Kaew, Ao Hin Khok and Ao Phai are two smaller beaches that are more popular with backpackers than Bangkok-based families. Although there’s much less nightlife here than on Sai Kaew, Ao Phai has a selection of bars and beachside restaurants.

Ao Tubtim

Quiet and secluded but just a short walk from Ao Phai and Haad Sai Kaew, Ao Tubtim is a small and cosy beach that’s popular with holidaying couples. The beach is a calm and peaceful place to relax and enjoy the sun, with a selection of good dining options available at nearby resorts.

Ao Kiew Na Nok

Ao Kiew Na Nok is a small beach in the southeast of Koh Samet that’s home to the luxurious Paradee Resort. The beach, which was once one of the island’s top backpacker hangouts, is largely off-limits to anyone not staying at the hotel, although it can still be accessed by boat.

Ao Phrao

One of just a few beaches on Koh Samet’s western coast, Ao Phrao is a quiet and secluded bay that’s popular with weekend high-society Bangkok residents. Thanks to its isolated location, it’s an excellent choice for relaxing holidays and romantic weekend trips.

Beaches and Sunbathing

Koh Samet’s beaches offer a great mix of activities, from windsurfing and sailing to relaxing on the beach with a good book. While Haad Sai Kaew offers the best selection of beach activities, the beaches to the south — particularly Ao Tubtim — are the best for quiet relaxation.

Fire Shows

At night, many of the resorts on Haad Sai Kaew and Ao Phai host fire shows and other exciting performances. Head down to the beach at around 8 pm on any weekend night for a cocktail and an exciting, if somewhat dangerous, live performance.


There are several good snorkelling spots around Koh Samet, ranging from rock formations at the end of several beaches to off-shore islands. To see the best of the island’s underwater life, book a snorkelling day trip, which will usually take you to several areas around the island.


While the relatively shallow water around Koh Samet means its diving isn’t as spectacular as Koh Phi Phi or Koh Tao, there’s still plenty to see around the island. Several resorts offer dive trips to sites around the island for beginners and advanced divers alike.

Luxury Hotels in Koh Samet

Paradee Resort

Spacious and luxurious, Paradee Resort’s pool and garden villas are the most upmarket rooms available on Koh Samet. This five-star resort boasts its own semi-private beach at Ao Kiew Na Nok and incredible facilities. Private villas start from 8,000 baht per night.

Mid Range Hotels in Koh Samet

Sai Kaew Beach Resort

Located right on Sai Kaew Beach, Sai Kaew Beach Resort is a convenient and comfortable four star hotel that’s perfect for visitors seeking to relax on Koh Samet’s beaches. Rooms range from simple cottages to spacious poolside villas.

Ao Prao Resort

One of only a few resorts on Koh Samet’s western coast, Ao Prao Resort offers quiet, peaceful and relaxing hillside cottages with great views over the Gulf of Thailand. Although the resort’s isolated location makes it quiet and relaxing, it can be difficult access the rest of the island.

SummerDay Beach Resort

Located right on Sai Kaew Beach, SummerDay Beach Resort offers a great selection of guest rooms and peaceful beachfront dining. A short distance from the nightlife along Sai Kaew, but far enough away to avoid the noise.

Budget Hotels in Koh Samet

Ban Chom Samed Resort

Located in the far north of Koh Samet, Ban Chom Samed Resort is a quiet four star resort with a selection of simple but comfortable cottages. The resort’s quiet location makes it a great option for escaping the hustle and bustle of Bangkok over the weekend.

Green Bay Samed Resort

Cheap and simple yet perfectly located on Sai Kaew Beach, Green Bay Samed Resort is a two star resort offering a selection of comfortable rooms. Free Wi-Fi and breakfast make this a great place to relax in between enjoying the beach and Sai Kaew Beach’s nightlife.

Tubtim Resort

Located on Ao Tubtim, a smaller beach to the south of Sai Kaew, Tubtim Resort offers a huge range of bungalows. Rooms range from cheap and simple to luxurious private bungalows right on the waterfront. The quiet, family-oriented beach outside is a nice, quiet place to relax.

Red Ginger

Located a short walk from Sai Kaew, Red Ginger serves high quality Thai food in an upmarket, modern setting.

La Luna Cafe & Bar

La Luna Cafe & Bar is a beachside cafe, restaurant and cocktail bar located right on Wong Duan Beach that’s perfect for enjoying the sunset.

Samed Villa Restaurant

Part of the Samed Villa Resort, Samed Villa Restaurant is a beachside restaurant on Ao Phai that offers dining right on the sand.

Tubtim Resort Restaurant

Part of the quiet and peaceful Tubtim Resort, Tubtim Resort Restaurant serves excellent Thai food, a selection of international dishes and great cocktails.

Ploy Talay Restaurant

With a location right on Sai Kaew Beach and a selection of great seafood dishes, Ploy Talay Restaurant even offers nightly fire shows for customers.

Antique Cafe

Located a short distance from Nadan Pier in Koh Samet’s small town centre, Antique Cafe is a small cafe with a great selection of snacks and Western-style breakfast dishes.

Banana Restaurant

Another convenient choice in Samet’s town centre, Banana Restaurant is a family-owned small restaurant that serves tasty Southern Thai food.

By Taxi

Koh Samet is approximately 200 kilometres from Bangkok and can be accessed by taxi in about 2½ hours. Taxis from Bangkok to Ban Phe, where the ferry to Koh Samet departs, cost 1,600 to 2,500 baht. Note that most taxis will insist on a fixed fare due to the long distance.

If you’re travelling to Koh Samet from Bangkok, it’s best to ask your hotel to request a taxi for you, as many taxis called off the street will refuse the fare. Taxis to Ban Phe are also available from Suvarnabhumi Airport, usually at a fixed fare of 2,000 to 2,500 baht.

By Bus & Minivan

Ban Phe is easy to access by bus from Bangkok. Buses leave from Ekamai Bus Station several times daily and take about 3½ hours to complete the journey. There are also minivan services to Ban Phe, which depart from Victory Monument and make the journey in about 2½ hours.

We recommend you check the latest bus schedule and price via

By Ferry

Koh Samet is a 45 minute ferry trip from Ban Phe. Ferries travel between the island and Rayong hourly but terminate at 6pm, after which only speedboats are available. Ferry tickets cost 100 baht and include a return fare.

By Speedboat

If you’ve arrived at Ban Phe late or just want to travel straight to your beach, you can get to the island significantly faster on a private speedboat. Speedboats are available 24 hours a day and make the trip between Ban Phe and Koh Samet in 15-20 minutes.

Prices for speedboat transfers vary based on the beach you’re travelling to. Beaches located on the eastern side of Koh Samet are typically the cheapest, with the cost of transfers to the more remote beaches on the island’s western coastline often 2,000 baht or more.

Nearest Airport to Koh Samet

The nearest airports to Koh Samet are Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


International travelers to Thailand will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination or ATK test results from October 1st, 2022 onward.

In a new move to attract travelers during peak season, Thailand is doing away with the requirement of needing vaccination certificates or Covid-19 negative results in the case of unvaccinated passengers. Additionally, those infected with Covid-19, but have mild symptoms don’t need to isolate from next month. The same applies to those who test positive but display no symptoms.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul announced these changes on Thursday after the National Communicable Diseases Committee (NCDC) had a meeting on Wednesday.

Instead of isolating those who have contracted the disease would be required to wear a mask, socially distance themselves from others and wash their hands frequently for the first five days. They also need to stay away from those who are immunocompromised and vulnerable.

Dr. Sophon Iamsirithaworn, deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control, informed that since the present Covid-19 mutation doesn’t cause serious symptoms in most people, disease control measures can be relaxed.

National Security Council secretary-general Supoj Malaniyom added that the new measures are being put in place to help improve the economic conditions of the country.

“The primary aim will be to ensure the economy is back on track so people could earn their livelihoods once more,” he said.


How long to spend in Thailand may seem like a ridiculous question to address, but if you have plenty of time and aren’t sure how much to dedicate, this blog will definitely help you out. 

How long can you stay in Thailand? 

Well, as long as you like! From 10 days to a month, there are various ways you can travel across Thailand and uncover its secrets. Advising an ideal trip length for Thailand is a bit of a complex challenge, as it depends on several factors such as the places you wish to visit, the activities you plan to join, or if you want to combine Thailand with its neighbor countries. 

Stay tuned! We are going to sort all these things out including the step-by-step guide to create the best itinerary in Thailand.

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