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Hoa Binh is not listed among the top 10 Vietnam travel destinations, but this northwest province of Vietnam has long been destination for both domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Just around 70km from Hanoi, Hoa Binh is home to 5 different ethnic groups like The Muong, Thai, Tay, H'Mong, and Dao who live in picturesque villages such as Giang Mo, Ban Lac, Pom Coong village, Mai Hich, Hang Kia of Mai Chau district. The unique culture of the local people and beautiful valley of rice paddies, green mountains are attractions of Hoa Binh and should be included to experience in any tour package in Vietnam.

Best time to visit

Similar to other mountainous provinces in the North of Vietnam, the best time to travel to Hoa Binh should be the winter time, lasting from October to February. As the weather is very cold, this period of time is suitable for exploring hot springs and relaxing yourself with the warmly mineral water here. Also, the winter coincides with the dry season in Hoa Binh, so that travelers have more chances to go around and contemplate natural beauty of Hoa Tien cave, Thac Bo Waterfall or Pu Nooc Primary Tropical Forest. In addition, roads to Hoa Binh tourism destinations are often narrow and along the side of deep valleys and mounts, so traveling in dry season will definitely guarantee the safety of your trips.   

Check the below table for the general idea of Hoa Binh weather throughout the year.

Month Avg. High (°C) Avg. Mean (°C) Avg. Low (°C)
Jan 20.1 16.8 13.7
Feb 21.1 18.7 16.3
Mar 24.2 21.7 19.4
Apr 28.1 24.9 22.1
May 33.6 29.1 25.3
Jun 34.2 30 26.3
Jul 33 29.2 26
Aug 32.8 29 25.9
Sep 31.3 27.8 24.9
Oct 30.3 26.2 22.8
Nov 26.4 23.3 20.4
Dec 20.7 17.6 14.4

Hoa Binh’s current weather and 7-day forecast


Here are top things to do in Hoa Binh:

Thung Nai

Thung Nai Hoa BinhThung Nai belongs to Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province. It is far about 25 kilometers from Hoa Binh and 110 kilometers from Hanoi. The name 'Thung Nai' appeared because this valley has many deers who comes to place. The name 'Thung Nai' no longer appears on the tourist map but it is becoming an exciting destination for those who want to explore the wilderness. Thung Nai has rustic and grandeur beauty, a sparkling scene in the middle of Da River.

As a commune of Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, Thung Nai is known with Ba Chua Temple, Thac Bo cave, Bo Grotto, Mu village and floating island… This is the place of many village with the mainly people is the Muong. The main vehicle is boat or canoe. People here exchange at Bo Market. The market is only opening in the morning.

Thung Nai has Thac Ba temple, the queen governs area of northwest, and the upper back is the Muong-Hoa Binh, the Thai-Son La… When finishing hydropower, water of Da river floods valleys, which creates small islands, is very beautiful. Here, residents are mostly the Muong. This is one of the famous lands of the Muong in Hoa Binh- Muong Thang.
The way to Thung Nai following the port of Binh Thanh, along the Da River, winding up and down with more than 10 kilometers, tourists will come to center of town and there has a large marina.

In Thung Nai, there have a lot of spots to explore and relax. If tourists want to hike forest, they will discover Mu village- village of the Muong in the valley between the lush forests. Besides, they can visit wilderness caves in Da River or float on the waves in La Vong.

Tien Phi Cave

Located in the population of the relics of Hoa Binh, Phi Tien cave is an address attracts tourists. The cave situated on Thuc hill with entrance at the northeast. Tien Phi Cave is founded since 1982 and started opening for tourists since 1984. In June 2000, it was recognized cultural heritage by Ministry of culture, sport and tourism. The 1986s, 1987s, there have a plenty of tourists visiting the cave.

Pass over winding road on the Thung Phi hill; hundreds of stone steps about 2 meters, visitors can enjoy natural mountain scenes. Along the way, the forest flowers bloom white smooth. At the top of hill, there are casuarinas, eucalypts standing among the peace of hill. This place retains boulders lying close to the edge hill. It is interesting destination that many tourists enjoy the beauty of city from the distance.

Step into about 10 meters, visitors will encounter high roof. Heart of the cave is rough with numerous stalactites which creates strange shapes. On the ceiling, there has a way to access to the top and natural light enters the cave that make the sparkling beauty of stalactites. This cave looks like a quite castle, just mysterious, just vivid. Called Tien Phi Cave because visitors come to entrance, they will encounter stalactites as a fairy shape. Also, because of its pretty, local people called “Tien Phi” Cave.

Step into about 10 meters, look straight forward left of the wall, tourists will see a block of stone as she is wearing a chiffon panels lying on the hammock. Next, tourists find boulders like Buddha statue that is solemn, gentle, and quiet. On the way to come the cave, it has a lion lying as guarding the gate.

Pom Coong Village

Hoa Binh TravelPom Coong village belongs to Mai Chau town, Mai Chau district. Like other villages of the Muong, Thai, the Pom Coong village often live in area which has rivers, streams. The Thai is famous for traditional dance. Different from stilted houses of other ethnic, stilted house of the Thai often taller that that one so that it always creates comfortable feeling. The floor is above the ground 2 meters. The window in the house has big size. At the roof of stilted house, the Thai are making brocade, bags, and clothes to attract tourists. The souvenir is various and beautiful with vivid color which make stilted become more attractive.

The special of Pom Coong has “pure Thai” space with clean water, water construction which creates comfortable and safe feeling. Coming here, tourists will feel the fresh air and peaceful of life, you will forget the fatigues. In addition, you will have chance to meet local girls in the dance.

Mai Chau

Mai Chau is located around 135km from Hanoi at Hoa Binh province, stay in a peaceful valley sheltered by the outside world by a dramatic ring of hills. On the way coming to Mai Chau , you will have chance to pass through the top of Cun mountain, from there you can take a fabulous overview of the valley with the houses on stilt and paddy fields, bring the first impression about culture of Mai Chau – Hoa Binh.

Mai Chau brings a different image about Vietnam , inhabited with minority groups, that mainly Thai people ,Thai minority is one of six minority groups at Hoa Binh province. Thai people are  livingat small villages like: Lac village, Pom Coong village, Van village, Buoc village .... , these villages make a community with lot of particular culture and festivals. Thai people devided into 2 groups White Thai and Black Thai, use their own language beside King language.

Like others minority groups at the mountainous area in Vietnam Thai people live in the stilt houses. The houses are quite large with palm leaf roofs and polished bamboo-slat floors. The kitchen is put in the center of the house, that’s the place for cooking and also for the woman making their  colorful “brocade”, the material used by Thai minority to make their clothes. The house has many windows, large and decorated with patterns. Each house also usually has a pond to breed fish. These can be seen clearly at Lac village, the stilt houses now are using as the home stay for the tourists with communal room and private room. Tourists also have chance to enjoy some special foods and Can wine while watching traditional dancing, music performances (bronze, drums, gongs), and Thai minority singing and dancing.

Walking to the villages around enjoy the surrounding contrside and paddy fields , specially on Sunday people from the villages bring a lot of things to the Mai Chau market to sell their specific products: honey, bananas, corn,.. .and brocade made by skilled Thai women. The Sunday market is also an occasion to enjoy traditional Thai dishes and to participate in traditional dancing. In addition to Mai Chau is surrounded with limestone mountains area, this create a lot of kastl caves like Khoai cave, Chieu cave, Nhat cave, Mo Luong cave,…, which is quite good for discovery activities and  go trekking.
Nowadays, foreigners who want to learn more about Vietnamese culture as well as to admire picturesque scenery of Vietnam, Mai Chau Hoa Binh is an ideal place where they can freely discover everything. With the developement of mordent life and tourism Mai Chau still preserve its beauty of natural scenery and the diversity in the minority culture.

Kim Boi Hot Spring

Kim Boi Hot SpringKim Boi hot spring belongs to Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh Province. It is natural mineral hot spring and good for human health. Kim Boi mineral water is eligible for drinking, bathing, soaking and it can treat stomachache, blood pressure… With an area of 7 hectares, this is a rustic resort that is peaceful and exciting.

Kim Boi mineral spring flows deep underground so that the mineral water has a temperature of 340C-360C. Coming to hot spring, you can register your reservation at the resort or Vresort. The resort is built in this place next to the largest mineral water circuit.

With full of equipped modern system, conference, hall, swimming pool…you can relax, spa, organize cultural exchange, and enjoy the cultural program…  Kim Boi mineral spring has two large pools along with individual tub system that is replaced water daily to sever travelers. It is suitable for swimming, soaking to find the fresh, healthy and whiter skin. Besides, there has a sufficient mineral with high purity which is conductive to human. So that, this is also a place to cure diseases such as:rheumatism,stomach pain, gastro-intestinal… Kim Boi mineral water was bottled as beverage; it is the same kind of Thach Bich mineral water in Quang Ngai, Kum-Dua in Russia, Paven Barbia in Hungari.

Mid-range options

Grand Hotel 

Add: Phu Thanh Phat Trade Center Area - #129 Le Thanh Ton, Hòa Bình, Vietnam

Set in Hòa Bình, Grand Hotel offers a bar and shared lounge. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi. Free private parking is available and the hotel also provides car hire for guests who want to explore the surrounding area.

The units come with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a kettle, a bidet, a hairdryer and a desk.

Guest rooms feature a wardrobe.

The hotel also provides a business centre and guests can check the newspapers at Grand Hotel.

Hoa Dao Hotel 

Add: Tan Thinh Ward - Comercial Area, Hòa Bình, Vietnam

Hoa Dao Hotel features a restaurant, bar, a shared lounge and garden in Hòa Bình. Featuring family rooms, this property also provides guests with a terrace. The accommodation offers a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service and free WiFi.

The units come with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a fridge, a kettle, a bidet, a hairdryer and a desk. At the hotel all rooms are fitted with a wardrobe and a private bathroom.

Guests at Hoa Dao Hotel can enjoy a continental breakfast.

Deluxe options

Serena Kim Boi Resort - Hoa Binh 

Add: Khai Doi Village, Sao Bay Town, Kim Boi Dist, Hòa Bình, Vietnam

Overlooking Boi River, Serena Kim Boi Resort - Hoa Binh offers accommodation. Guests can enjoy the stunning views of rice fields or enjoy a dip in the Kim Boi warm mineral bath. The resort also boasts Onsen, steam bath and swimming pool.

Enjoy a cup of tea while looking out at the mountain or garden.

There is a 24-hour front desk at the property.

Ivory Villas and Resort 

Add: Kem Hamlet, Lam Son Commune, Luong Son Ward, Hoa Binh City, Hòa Bình, Vietnam

Featuring a restaurant and free WiFi, Ivory Villas and Resort is located in Hòa Bình. Boasting a 24-hour front desk, this property also provides guests with a terrace. Every room has a balcony.

All guest rooms in the resort are equipped with a kettle. At Ivory Villas and Resort, rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

A continental breakfast is served each morning at the property.

What to eat

Hoa Binh Man Pigs

The pigs roam are roasted, just shaved hair. After that, it will be washed before slaughtering to take viscera. Viscera do not wash with water; it only hangs up to drain blood. Therefore, meat can be kept for a long time. Then, it is mixed and putted to the pot to boil.  When meat cooked to medium, it is taken to the chopping-board, ethnic people slice them and display on the banana leaves. Meat is used together with roasted-salt and “hat doi”. If tourists enjoy the dish, they will fell the sweetness of meat, the aroma of banana leaves, the taste of “hat doi”… At the first time, visitors cannot forget.

Hoa Binh Pickled Pork

The pigs roam are mixed with glaze of forest leaves and roasted rice within 60 minutes. Then, they take banana leaves on the fire and clean them. Ethnics put banana leaves to the bottom of bamboo and sprinkle the meat with roasted rice. Then, they close the bamboo by banana leaves and put them into stove. When tourists enjoy pickled pork, they will feel the color of meat, acidity of forest glaze, salinity of salt, aromatic of rice. This dish is usually served with forest leaves.

Hoa Binh Pickled Bamboo Shoot with Chicken

The chicken roam has weighing between 0.8 to 1 kilograms cleaned and slaughtered to put away viscera. Then, people chop into small pieces and mix with pickled bamboo within 20-30 minutes. After that it will be cooked about 1-2 hours. When chicken is well-done, ethnics sprinkle the chicken with a little “hat doi”.

Hoa Binh Grilled Chopped Meat with Pomelo Leaves

The pork is chopped into square pieces, mixed with a bit of fish sauce, onion. Pomelo leaves are cut into 2 pieces and put them to broiler and roast in the charcoal. If guests enjoy the dish, they will feel the aromatic of pomelo and tingling tongue.

Hoa Binh Grilled Fish

Some types of fish such as: Crucian carp, catfish, carp… are usually grilled. Before grilling, people often thrust one stick from mouth to stomach of fish and then grilled them. Grilled fish is put into the banana leaves.

Hoa Binh Buffalo Cooked La Lom

Buffalo is roasted and shaved hair then chopped into small pieces, stewed in clay pot. After that, people mix them with “la lom”, small rice and stew with buffalo. This is a popular national dish of the Muong, Hoa Binh province.

Where to eat

Da Hop Restaurant

Address: Dinh Tien Hoang, Tan Thinh, Hoa Binh

Tel: 0218 3854926

Time: 07:00 am- 10:00pm

Da Hop Restaurant is famous for the field of high cuisine. After 20 years of development, Da Hop affirms its name and its cuisine by the dishes-herbs.

With the enthusiastic and thoughtful services together with clean food such as: shrimp, crabs and snails…, the restaurant servers many other dishes typical of the northwestern mountains.

Coming to Da Hop restaurant, tourists will soak into large and peaceful place. Along with harmonious decoration, the restaurant becomes more unique. With a large area of restaurant, Da Hopj can welcomed hundreds of guests, an ideal place for couples. Da Hop has combination between traditional oriental beauties with a modern sytle, it is the best choice for tourists when exploring Hoa Binh.

Guests will be especially pleased with the professional staffs, enthusiastic services that make you pleasure as at home.

Manh Ngan Restaurant

Address: Phuong Lam, Hoa Binh

Tel: 0218 3895 388, 0218 3895 388


Email: [email protected]

Payment: cash

Cuisine is one of the passions in the life. The attractive and interesting dishes require people to have a sharp taste to perceive.

Manh Ngan Restaurant creates the cuisine space from flavors of seafood and traditional dishes in Hoa Binh and the whole country. Guests can feel delicious flavors on each our dishes.

Hien Luong Restaurant

Address: Dong Tien, Hoa Binh

Tel: (84-18) 358 7238

Time: 09:00am- 09:00pm

Payment: Cash

Coming to the restaurant, guests will feel comfortable when enjoying the delicious unique dishes. Along with the fresh air and enthusiasm staffs, we commit to serve you with professional style as well as thoughtful as possible.

We will be happy to serve you at the restaurants. Your presence of guests is the greatest praise for the restaurant, the service and essence of the cuisine of Vietnam.

Road and water transportation are convenient. There is National Highway No. 6 from Hanoi vie Ha Tay to Hoa Binh, Son La, National Highway No. 15 from Mai Chau to Thanh Hoa, National Highway No. 12B from Hoa Binh to Nho Quan (Ninh Binh).

Hoa Binh Town is 82km from Hanoi. Da River is 5km from Hoa Binh City.

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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


Before being awarded a one-star rating by Michelin Guide for the first time, four Vietnamese restaurants - one in HCMC and three in Hanoi - were honored by international media and received applause from foreign diners.


"Should I visit Thailand or Vietnam?" is some of the most frequently asked questions that we have from our travelers

Well, Vietnam and Thailand are the most popular holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. They are similar in climate and food, though obviously different in culture, lifestyle and travel experience.

Below we list 13 major differences between the two countries, to give you a quick overview and help you decide which to visit first. These are based on our own travel experiences, investigations, and partnerships with local operators.


How long to spend in Vietnam may seem like a ridiculous question to address, but if you have plenty of time and aren’t sure how much to dedicate, this blog will definitely help you out.

You can find here and there that you should spend 10 days, 2 weeks, 20 days, or 1 month to best explore Vietnam. So what is the best Vietnam tour duration for you?

Well, as long as you like! From 10 days to a month, there are various ways you can travel across Vietnam and uncover its secrets. Advising an ideal trip length for Vietnam is a bit of a complex challenge, as it depends on several factors such as the places you wish to visit, the activities you plan to join, or if you want to combine Vietnam with its neighbor countries. 

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Vietnam would scrap the Covid-19 testing requirement for all arrivals starting Sunday, May 15th 2022, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has directed.

In a document issued Friday, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Health to closely follow the coronavirus situation and provide proper guidance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should direct Vietnamese authorities outside the country to inform people who wish to enter Vietnam to follow appropriate disease prevention measures, he said.

The latest decision has been made as the number of Covid-19 infections and deaths drops both in Vietnam and around the world. Several countries have been taking steps to relax coronavirus restrictions, including scrapping testing before entry.

Current policies issued by the health ministry require entrants to have negative results from PCR tests done within the previous 72 hours, or a negative result from a rapid test done within the last 24 hours.

Those who don’t have a negative test result must refrain from making contact with others during the first 24 hours after entry. They will be able to move freely once they test negative after arrival.

Children under two don’t need to be tested.

Vietnam stopped requiring medical declarations from those arriving from abroad starting April 27, and for domestic travel starting April 30.


The “Colorful Hanoi” hot air balloon festival is one of the attractive activities within the framework of the program “Hanoi tourism welcomes 2022” taking place from March 25-27, 2022.

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