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Stubbornly traditional and jam-packed with sights, the small city of Hoi An also exudes a laid back, almost dreamy atmosphere that makes it an essential stop on any tour of the country. This intriguing place, with its narrow streets comprising wooden-fronted shophouses topped with moss-covered tiles, has much to recommend it, not least the fact that a concerted effort has been made to retain the city’s old-world charm: by way of example, it’s the only place in Vietnam that places restrictions on motorbike use, and the only place that forces local businesses, by law, to dangle lanterns from their facades. These come to the fore as evening encroaches, and by nightfall you’ll see them shining out from narrow alleys and the riverbank in their hundreds, the light reflecting in the waters of the Thu Bon River. Also notable are the city’s many cheap tailors, who will whip up made-to-measure clothes in no time, and a culinary scene that ranks among the best in Asia.

Hoi An Weather Overview

Hoi An belong to Quang Nam province which mean the city is characterized with climate patterns of central Vietnam which is different with both other climate areas – northern Vietnam and southern Vietnam. If Hanoi weather and other cities in northern Vietnam have 4 seasons with a chilly winter, central Vietnam and Hoi An only have two seasons with a warm weather all year round, averaging 29 degree Celsius.

However, the two seasons in Hoi An have so much influence to tourists’ traveling experience because the change is drastic and the impact is constant.

Dry season in Hoi An lasts from May to September with hottest months June and July, reaching 38-40 degrees Celsius during daytime. In this season, the rain is much less, and humidity is even lower.

The wet monsoon season, as you can see, falls in between October to January, making December also a month of wet season. In this season, Hoi An suffers from constant showers which frequently lead to flooding. Typhoons can also happen in this time of year, especially in October.

From December to January, the rains ease up but expect everything still to be damp and musty. Temperature reach the lowest with only 19 – 24 degree Celsius. Evenings are cooler and you should prepare thicker jacket if you want to go out for a walk until late.

Check the below table to have the general idea of Hoi An weather throughout the year.

Month Avg. High (°C) Avg. Mean (°C) Avg. Low (°C)
Jan 24.4 21.2 18.6
Feb 26.6 22.8 19.9
Mar 28.4 24.6 21.7
Apr 31.1 26.8 23.5
May 34.1 28.8 25
Jun 35.2 30 25.9
Jul 34.6 29.4 25.3
Aug 34.1 29.1 25.2
Sep 32.2 27.7 24.2
Oct 29.7 26.1 23.1
Nov 27.9 24.8 22.2
Dec 25.5 22.4 19.9


Best time to go to Hoi An

The best time to visit Hoi An is from February to June. February to April is the time of comfortable temperatures, low humidity, favourable sunshine hours and balmy sea temperature. May, June and July are also an excellent time to visit this ancient seaside town. These months don't receive heavy rainfall, but the temperature tends to go up a little during this time, and hence might turn a bit uncomfortable for visitors.

Hoi An has two distinct seasons: the dry, and the wet seasons. The temperature throughout the year almost remains the same, which is, an average of 29°C during the peaks of the day, and around 24°C after sundown. August marks the advent of the wet season. Temperatures, as well as rainfall, varies drastically during this period, which runs through October. With the temperature reaching as high as 38°C (100°F), July and August are the hottest months of the year. October and November are the wettest months of the year, while November, December, and January are the coldest. Temperatures during this time range from 19 to 24° C.

Hoi An Seasonal Weather Guide

The Dry Season

This is defined as the months with the least rainfall along with a lesser chance of all-day rain days. However, there are still rain days. 

The total length of the dry season typically stretches from February to September, but within this timeframe, it has its fluctuations. February to April has the most moderate temperatures averaging a high of 30°C (86°F) making it a popular choice for tourists to visit the ancient city of Hoi An.

Moving on from May, the temperatures continue to rise and hit a peak in June. Things then plateau until September when the seasons change. If you need to cool off during this time Hoi An’s beaches are a great option. Check out our article on them here.

Hidden Hint: If you’re looking for sunshine weather in Hoi An, the highest number of sun-hours are from May to July.

The Wet Season 

This is defined as the months with additional rainfall along with a higher chance of rain days.  However there are still some sunny days. This season starts around October and lasts till around February.

From October to January, the wet season brings increased rainfall and the temperatures down to around an average high of 25°C (77°F). 

Hidden Hint: The months of October and November contain the bulk of the rain, and it’s not unusual that during this time the Old Town and the islands south of it have the possibility of flooding. 

While it doesn’t often happen, when it does the waterfront businesses have no choice but to close down. However, as quickly as the water levels return to normal, so do the shops.

Both the wet and the dry seasons don’t leave much of a shoulder season for residents. (A “shoulder season” being the months that have equal, rainy, and dry days.) In Hoi An, it’s one or the other weather-wise! The only variable is when they tend to start and end. This period only shifts by a month or so.

Adverse Weather – Flooding in Hoi An

Although flooding doesn’t happen every year, it is something to be aware of when planning your trip during the rainy season. Flood levels vary, mostly it’s restricted to the Old Town and immediate surrounding areas, some years it experiences knee-high water, while others it has received multiple metres. It’s best to check the weather forecast ahead of time if you expect to travel to Hoi An from October to December. Here is a related article about An Bang Beach which you can read.

If flooding does occur during your time in Hoi An, know that the locals are super adaptable and prepared—the weather won’t bring your travels to a full-stop. Many riverside businesses in the old town stack up their chairs and move their valuables upstairs to get ready for the flooding.

Interestingly, you may even notice that some shops have flood levels from previous years marked on their walls. Depending on the severity, only a portion of the city is affected by the flood, and even so, the shops and especially restaurants are usually back in business within a day or so.

Furthermore, it’s an incredibly unique experience to be in Hoi An during this time. Imagine locals paddling their boats through the picturesque laneways of Old Town! Flooding can happen, but life in Hoi An carries on.

Month By Month Weather in Hoi An

The following is a month-by-month weather breakdown for Hoi An. Hidden gathered the average climate and conditions for Hoi An from 1985 to 2017 and the close surrounding areas. It’s a great way to set your expectations in preparation for an upcoming trip to Hoi An. 


High: 25°C (77°F)
Low: 19°C (66°F)
Rain Days: 13

The wet season that started in October is finally on the way out but still has the chance of making itself known as a final reminder. It is wise to pack for all weather conditions as a sunny cycle ride can quickly turn into a race for shelter from the rain.

Hidden Hint: Bring some light rain gear if you think you are planning to be here early in the month. If you forget, that is ok, Hoi an and Da Nang have some great shopping for jackets and more.


High: 26°C (78°F)
Low: 20°C (78°F)
Rain Days: 7

February is a great month to visit Hoi An. The dry season will be starting or already has, and this means more beach days for you. Along with this, the temperatures have not hit their high points, meaning you can expect lovely moderate days and nights in the Old Town.

Depending on the lunar calendar, Tet (lunar new year) may happen during February. For the Vietnamese people, Tet is the most important festival of the year so travel around this time is expensive, unstable, and many businesses close. Plan carefully if arriving anywhere in Vietnam around Tet. Read all about Tet in our guide.

Tet dates for 2019 to 2021

  • 2019: February 4th to 9th. 
  • 2020: January 24th to 29th. 
  • 2021: February 12th to 17th.


High 28°C (82°F)
Low 22°C (72°F)
Rain Days 5

March is one of the best months to visit Hoi An. First, any lingering wet season echoes have moved on. The average temperature is going up and the days are generally sunny. due to the well-balanced weather, march is a favourite time for many travellers to visit Hoi An. The number visitors increase so make sure to book your accommodation in advance. If you need help deciding where to stay check out our article here.


High 31°C (87°F)
Low 24°C (74°F)
Rain Days 6

April carries a similar climate to March, except with a slight increase in temperature. The level of tourists remains high during this time, so booking accommodation ahead is recommended.

On the last day of the month, the opening ceremony of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival often occurs. It’s a pyrotechnic extravaganza that consists of eight competing countries and takes place over the coming nine weeks. Note that the date does change each year so check in advance.


High: 33°C (91°F)
Low: 25°C (77°F)
Rain Days: 9

May is warm in Hoi An as the temperatures rise towards a peak in the coming months. The sea has also finally warmed up and with that brings great relief from the sweltering heat. Perhaps consider staying close to the beach in one of Hoi An’s beach resorts. In Hoi An tourism takes a real dive, hitting an annual low point. Accommodation during this time is cheaper, and the crowds are less intense as the mercury rises.


High 35°C (95°F)
Low 26°C (78°F)
Rain Days 8

Expect hot weather for Hoi An in June, with some daytime temperatures reaching the high 30’s°C (86°F). It’s the hottest month out of the year to visit Hoi An, though the bulk of the tourists are still absent in this low season, meaning prices and crowds are more manageable.


High: 34°C (93°F)
Low: 25°C (77°F)
Rain Days: 8

July only takes a negligible decline in temperature compared to June, and it usually holds out until September. Tourists return in full force, so expect the Old Town to be quite crowded, especially on weekends. July is the second busiest month of the year.


High: 34°C (93°F)
Low: 25°C (77°F)
Rain Days: 11

August is another hot month, with it additionally being the peak season for domestic and international tourists. Be prepared for a congested, hot, and humid city. It’s also advisable to book your accommodation far in advance during this time.

Wandering Souls Day (Vu Lan Festival) takes place on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month and usually falls in August. On this day locals will prepare a vegetarian meal and have an empty seat ready for the family members that have passed away. The smell of burning Joss paper fills the air as families offer goods to the wandering souls. The eve of the festival is also celebrated, with many families heading to Buddhist temples and graves of loved ones.

Wandering Souls Day dates

  • 2019: August 15th
  • 2020: September 2nd
  • 2021: August 22nd


High: 32°C (89°F)
Low: 24°C (75°F)
Rain Days: 15

The temperatures during September begin to dip as the season gets ready to flip. Accommodations become less crowded as the tourist traffic lessens—the peak tourist season has passed. September, however, with a more temperate weather, is a great month to visit Hoi An.

At the end of September lions, unicorns and dragons take to the streets. The sounds of drums and symbols fill the air as the Mid Autumn Festival rolls into the city and shops. Shows can be seen in front of local businesses to bless the store and bring it good luck for the coming year.

Mid Autumn Festival Dates

  • 2019 – September 13th
  • 2020 – October 10th
  • 2021 – September 21st


High: 29°C (84°F)
Low: 23°C (73°F)
Rain Days: 21

Historically speaking, October contains the bulk of the rain out of the wet season, though in past years, it’s proven to be a wildcard, with some years being blessed with hot sunny days while others bring in the grip of a strong monsoon.

Hidden Hint: If planning a trip to Hoi An, come prepared for both warm summer weather and some wind and rain.

Hoi An often floods in October/November which affects all riverside businesses in the Old Town. However, once the water levels recede, the businesses recover right away and are open for visitors. Read more about what to expect during Hoi An’s flooding in our article about The Best Time to Visit Hoi An.


High: 28°C (82°F)
Low: 22°C (71°F)
Rain Days: 20

The amount of precipitation decreases slightly during November but not by much. Winter winds are more prevalent in the area and planning day trips are a definite gamble. Rain gear is something to consider, as well as a light jacket for the cooler evenings. Tourism levels remain similar to October, and flooding is still a possibility.


High: 25°C (77°F)
Low: 20°C (84°F)
Rain Days: 18

Rainy season begins to loosen its grip on Hoi An as some of the rains ease. Temperatures in the area are moderate, with the evenings feeling quite cool for some. At the beginning of the month, tourism levels remain low, but it ramps up and spikes during Christmas, with people looking for a cultural holiday getaway. Afterwards, however, they return to moderate levels and plateau until March.

Hoi An Current Weather & 7-day Forecast


By Air

The closest airport to Hoi An is Da Nang International Airport (DAD), located in the heart of Da Nang city. It is 30 kilometres from Hoi An. Hence, you need to take the flight to Da Nang and take another transfer to Hoi An, which will take about 30 minutes.

The Da Nang airport hosts both domestic and international flights. Below is some of the destination that have the flight here.

Domestic: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Lat, Vinh, Nha Trang, Buon Ma Thuot, Can Tho, or Pleiku

International: Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kunming, Macau, Seoul, Siem Reap, Singapore, Tokyo

By Train

The closest train station is in Da Nang. At the station you won't have any trouble finding a xe om to take you to Hoi An – if anything, you'll likely have to fend off willing drivers. Expect to pay around US$8. A stop at the Marble Mountains on the way will cost you an extra US$2.

By Bus

Bus service to Hoi An is limited as most long distance buses head to the major hub Da Nang; from here you can take the local bus, xe om or taxi to Hoi An. Open bus tour companies or deluxe buses direct to Hoi An are usually the best option, saving you from the extra step in the journey.

Here are some popular destinations that you can get bus to Hoi An:

  • Da Nang: Departs at 08:30, 13:45. Costs 99,000 dong and takes 45 min.
  • Hue: Departs at 08:30, 13:45. Costs 119,000 dong and takes 4 hrs.
  • Nha Trang: Departs at 18:15. Costs 299,000 dong and takes 13 hrs

Other sample destinations

  • Da Lat: Departs at 17:15. Costs 290,000 dong.
  • Dong Hoi: Departs at 13:30. Costs 250,000 dong.
  • Hanoi: Departs at 13:30. Costs 290,000 dong.
  • HCMC: Departs at 17:00. Costs 380,000 dong.
  • Mui Ne: Departs at 17:00. Costs 290,000 dong.
  • Phong Nha: Departs at 13:30. Costs 250,000 dong and takes 7.5 hrs. Otherwise, take local bus from Da Nang station.

By Boat

New bridges have eliminated the need for boat transportation to reach Cam Kim and a few other islands.

Speedboats whisk tourists for day trips to Cham Island, or independent travellers can take the once daily (weather and season dependent) public wooden supply boat departing from Cua Dai harbour. Taking this boat would entail an overnight stay on the island.

The best Hoi An dishes are exclusively available within the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is this remarkable city, utilizing fresh greens, herbs, fish, meat, and even water from the neighboring Tra Que Vegetable Village, Cham Island, Ba Le Well, and Cam Nam Village. Once a prominent Vietnamese trading port, Hoi An’s specialities are the result of Chinese, French and Japanese influences.

#1 - Cao lau noodles

Cao lau is the most famous street food from Hoi An and also the most interesting. Apparently, the noodles contain a tiny serving of ash that comes from one particular tree, as well as water from one specific well. Rumour also has it that only one local lady knows the exact cao lau recipe. Restaurants purchase the noodles daily from the market and make the other parts of the dish (barbeque pork, crispy crackling and salad) themselves. For this reason, this is one of the dishes that won’t be found outside of Hoi An.

Where to try cao lau in Hoi An?

Our favourite cao lau spot is Restaurant 339 in Tra Que. This eaterie on the main road is halfway between town and the beach so you could consider dropping in as a pitstop. If that’s too much of a trek, basically every restaurant and food stall in the Ancient Town serve it. You’re never far away from cao lau in Hoi An!

#2 - Hoanh Thanh Chien (Fried Wonton Dumplings)

Hoan thanh chien may resemble Mexican nachos due its salsa-like topping, but it’s actually a fried wonton dumpling with a variety of meat fillings. Made with rice flour, the wonton is filled with diced pork, shrimp, eggs, and various spices before being deep-fried until golden. Great as a snack or appetiser, hoan thanh chien is then topped with a mix of sautéed pork, corn, shrimp, tomato roulade, and coriander leaves.

Where to try wontons in Hoi An?

The best serving we've had was at White Rose Restaurant. Expect to pay between VND 30,000 and VND 50,000 for a massive platter.

#3 - Com ga (chicken rice)

Com ga is a hearty ensemble of fragrant rice, shredded village chicken, fresh herbs, black pepper, and chilli jam. Originating from China, it’s a very common dish in Southeast Asia, but Hoi An is said to utilise only top quality rice and farm-raised chickens. The rice is also cooked in a mixture of pandan leaves, chicken stock and turmeric in wood-fired clay ovens, resulting in its distinctive pale yellow exterior. A standard plate of com ga is priced at VND30,000, which comes with a small bowl of clear soup, dipping sauces, and pickled green chillies.

Where to eat com ga in Hoi An?

Bà Buội’s Chicken Rice on Phan Chu Trinh is often hailed as the best place. This whole street is com ga crazy with lots of stalls and restaurants serving it.

#4 - Banh xeo (rice flour pancakes)

A typical Vietnamese snack or appetiser, banh xeo is made of rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric, filled with ingredients such as vermicelli noodles, chicken, pork or beef slices, shrimps, sliced onions, beansprouts, and mushrooms. Priced between VND 15,000 and VND 25,000, banh xeo is sold at roadside stalls, markets, and restaurants in Hoi An. Eat like the locals by wrapping the crispy pancake in mustard leaf, lettuce leaves or rice papers together with nem lui (lemongrass pork skewers), mint leaves, and basil, then dip it in fermented peanut sauce.

Where to try banh xeo in Hoi An?

We love Baby Mustard, hidden away in Tra Que Vegetable Village where everything is locally sourced from the green surroundings. You’ll pay 60,000 VND and it will keep you full for ages.

#5 - Banh Bao Vac (White rose dumplings)

Banh bao vac is a local appetiser that resembles delicate white roses displayed on a platter. Each dumpling is made by wrapping shrimp or pork filling in flattened rice dough before cooking it in a steamer. Once soft and translucent, banh bao vac is carefully arranged on a flat plate, topped with shallots, and served with a dipping sauce made from shrimp broth, chillies, lemon and sugar. Available at most local restaurants in Hoi An, the banh bao vac are supplied by a local family residing at 533 Hai Ba Trung Street, where you can witness how this trademark dish is made.

Where to try white rose in Hoi An?

The dumplings are only made in one location, White Rose Restaurant, which then distributes them to the others. For that reason we’d recommend trying them there – you can even watch them being made by a group of women who have taken a 3-6 month scholarship in how to do so!

#6 - Vietnamese pizza

Otherwise known as Bánh Tráng Nướng, this dish is classic Hoi An street food – you won’t find it in any of the restaurants. It’s made from grilled rice paper held together with egg and layered with other ingredients like pork, chilli sauce and shallots.

Where to try rice paper pizza in Hoi An?

The Night Market and stalls along the riverfront are where you’ll find bahn tráng nuong. People will likely try to overcharge you – aim not to pay more than 30,000 VND.

#7 - Banh mi baguettes

Quick and tasty, banh mi is one of Vietnam’s quintessential dish that you should never miss out on. This hearty baguette sandwich is priced between VND 10,000 and VND 15,000 and consists of pickled vegetables, pâté, butter, soy sauce, cilantro, chillies, and hot peppers. Depending on the restaurant or food stall, you can also choose from a variety of meat fillings for your banh mi, including heo quay (roasted pork belly), cha ca (fried fish with turmeric and dill), cha lua (boiled sausages), xiu mai (meatballs), thit ga (boiled chicken), trung op la (fried egg), thit nuong (grilled pork loin), and xa xiu (Chinese barbecued pork).

Where to eat banh mi in Hoi An?

Anthony Bourdain’s favourite, Bánh Mì Phượng, is a delicious yet very busy and hyped-up restaurant. If you are looking for something messy, meaty, and local, we recommend Madame Khanh – The Banh Mi Queen. For veggie and Western options (avocado, cream cheese etc), the solid option is Phi Banh Mi.

#8 - Bun thit nuong

Bun thit nuong combines white vermicelli rice noodles, freshly chopped lettuce, sliced cucumber, beansprouts, pickled daikon, basil, chopped peanuts, and mint. The dish is finally topped with sweet and peppery pork (thit nuong) slices that are grilled over a charcoal stove. While the dish is quite filling on its own, you also opt for a side of green chilli, fresh lettuce, and a peanut-based gravy to mix into the bun thit nuong for extra flavour.

Where to try bun thit nuong in Hoi An?

Bun thit nuong is priced around VND 30,000 at established restaurants within the Ancient Town, but there are numerous food stalls along Hoi An Riverside selling it much cheaper.

#9 - Banh bot loc (prawn dumplings)

These tasty dumplings weren’t on my radar until I stumbled across them on the riverfront. They’re made with rice flour, filled with prawn and cooked up in a big metal vat. The local ladies served them up in takeaway boxes topped with crispy onions and even more chilli sauce.

They’re similar to white rose but clear and chewy – they taste considerably different somehow.

Where to find banh bot loc in Hoi An?

Try the riverfront – there’s bound to be someone serving. Expect to pay around 40,000 VND.

#10 - Mi Quang noodles

Mi quang consists of yellow rice noodles, bone broth seasoned with fish sauce, black pepper, shallot, and garlic, topped with a variety of meat, herbs, and local greens. A bowl costs between VND 15,000 and VND 25,000, though prices can go much higher at established restaurants in Hoi An. Traditionally, meat toppings are either chicken, pork, or beef slices, but many restaurants now include squid, boiled quail eggs, snails, and frogs. As with most noodle and rice dishes in Vietnam, mi quang also features lots of fresh herbs and other additions such as basil, peanuts, coriander, sliced banana flowers, and sesame rice crackers.

Where to try Mi Quang in Hoi An?

The first place you should go is Streets Restaurant, which is an NGO that trains local teens in hospitality. It is a little pricy here, expect to pay around 80,000 VND. But you’ll also find street food versions all over town for half the price at any local restaurant in town.

#11 - Hen tron (clam salad)

“Hến Trộn” pronounced “Hen Chun,” whilst “Banh Dap” is “Barn Dap.” These are two separate dishes, but they are mostly side-by-side on the menu. They work very nicely being side-by-side on your table, too. Hen tron, or minced baby clam salad, is a traditional food from Cam Nam island, which is located just across the bridge from the Old Town.

Light and with a subtle, beautiful shellfish flavour, tossed with herbs and greens, and sometimes excitingly tart and zingy slices of star fruit. Then topped with crushed peanuts.  Light yet satisfying, due to the delicate flavour of the clams but peppered with occasional bursts of star fruit, herb, and peanut. Best paired with the banh dap (or “smashing rice paper”)

Picture two incredibly light rice pappadums, with a silky soft layer of rice noodle between. Served alongside a fermented shrimp sauce (called mắm tôm – really strong and pungent; not for everyone), a chilli sauce, and a sweet fish sauce. You eat it by smashing and tearing a piece off, folding, then dipping.

Where to try Hen Tron in Hoi An?

Along the far side of Cam Nam Island is a whole row of restaurants selling these Hoi An specialities. There are also several scattered around town. The best one we tried was Quan Ben Tre where dishes cost 50,000 VND (2 USD).

Hoi An is a highlight of any Vietnam itinerary, with its gorgeous old town, stunning beaches and idyllic countryside. Where to stay in Hoi An depends on whether you prefer to be close to the ancient town, beach or other attractions and whether you’re looking for a bustling vibe or quiet location. 

Area 1: Hoi An Old Town

For many, ambling around Hoi An’s beautiful old town or ancient quarter is one of the best things to do in Hoi An, if not all of Vietnam.

Hoi An’s old town is the perfect place to stay for your first visit to Hoi An. You’ll be on the doorstep of the vibrant ancient quarter and absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to sampling incredible Vietnamese food.

To make the most of this central location, choose a hotel in either the Hoi An Old Town or just across the river on An Hoi island.

Pros: Central location with best access to the Hoi An ancient quarter; excellent food; best nightlife options including night markets; easy access to tours and countryside; bustling vibrant vibe.

Cons: More expensive; can be noisy.

Budget Hotel in Hoi An Old Town - Cozy Hoi An Boutique Villa

This is a great choice if you want to stay near the Old Town but without the price tag. The hotel is a short 10 minute walk to the Old Town ticket office. Cozy Hoi An offers comfortable rooms with air-conditioning, an outdoor pool and breakfast.

Mid-Range Hotel in Hoi An Old Town - Lantana Boutique Hotel Hoi An

This is ideally situated on the riverbank in An Hoi, just a short walk from the Old Town but far away enough to avoid most of the noise from the local bars. The hotel has a semi-outdoor pool, a range of room options including lovely rooms with balconies overlooking the river and a good onsite restaurant.

Luxury Hotels in Hoi An Old Town - Hoi An Silk Marina Resort & Spa

If you want a little luxe in the Old Town, then look no further than Hoi An Silk Marina Resort & Spa. Hoi An Silk Marina is an upscale hotel on the An Hoi riverbank, with a rather massive pool and tranquil green outlook over the river. Choose from a room, suite or villa and get pampered in the hotel’s gorgeous day spa.

Area 2: Cam Chau

Cam Chau is a quieter neighbourhood just east of Hoi An’s old town along the river. It’s the best area to stay in Hoi An if you prefer to be slightly out of the main action but still walking (20 minutes) or biking distance from the Old Town. Even better, Cam Chau offers some of the best value hotels in all of Hoi An.

Pros: Central location in between the Old Town and Hoi An beach; quieter than the Old Town but only biking distance away; relaxing neighbourhood with a semi-rural feel; excellent value hotel prices.

Cons: Fewer food options on your doorstep; could be too quiet for those who want busy streets and nightlife.

Budget Hotel in Cam Chau - Banana Garden Villa

This is a lovely boutique hotel on a quiet street in Cam Chau. It has comfortable rooms, a reasonable breakfast, a great pool area and is exceptional value for money. Banana Garden is a 20 minute walk or short bike ride from the Hoi An Ancient Quarter.

Mid-Range Hotels in Cam Chau 

Villa Orchid Garden Riverside

The hotel is located in a quiet location with a tranquil outlook over the river, and is very well priced. The rooms are large and comfortable, and the hotel includes a central pool and restaurant with river views.

Villa Orchid Garden Riverside provides bicycles for easy access to and from the Old Town. 

Lantana Riverside Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa

This is another excellent mid-range boutique hotel in Cam Chau. The hotel has a riverfront location, range of room options including suites with river views and a free shuttle to the beach.

Luxury Hotel in Cam Chau - Little Riverside Hoi An – A Luxury Hotel & Spa

Luxury hotels can come surprisingly cheap in Hoi An. Wahoo! If you prefer an upscale boutique hotel in a quiet location, check out Little Riverside Hoi An – A Luxury Hotel & Spa. Little Riverside features traditional Hoianese architecture, a luxury spa and a beautiful rooftop infinity swimming pool overlooking the Thu Bon river.

Area 3: Hoi An Beach

Wondering where to stay in Hoi An if you want to relax at the beach? Hoi An beach is the best choice for beach bums who like to spend most of their time at the beach and who want to stay on the beach or within walking distance to the beach. The beaches in Hoi An are rather beautiful and tranquil, with long stretches of white sand and lovely clean water.
Popular beaches include the busy An Bang beach and the slightly quieter Cua Dai beach. Depending on where you stay, Hoi An beach is around 4-6km from the Old Town. Conveniently, most beach hotels offer a free shuttle service to the Old Town.

Pros: Easy beach access; temperatures can be cooler on the coast; luxury modern resorts are concentrated at the beach; best availability of western amenities.

Cons: Less local / authentic experience; further from the Old Town.

Budget Hotel in Hoi An Beach - Ally Beach Boutique Hotel Hoian

This hotel is located at Cua Dai beach. Cua Dai beach is relatively quiet and has a good choice of restaurants and bars.
It’s easy to get around from Ally Beach Boutique Hotel. The hotel offers complimentary bike hire, a free shuttle to the hotel’s nearby private beach and a free shuttle to the Old Town. The hotel also has a pool to cool down on hot days.

Mid-Range Hotel in Hoi An Beach - Little Beach Hoi An – A Boutique Hotel & Spa

This hotel is also located in Cua Dai beach near Ally Beach Resort. This hotel is the perfect choice for those who prefer a slightly higher end hotel with all the amenities, including a pool, day spa and gym, and modern decor with trendy rooms. Little Beach also offers free bikes and shuttle transfers to the Old Town.

Luxury Hotel in Hoi An Beach - Boutique Hoi An Resort

This is an elegant luxury resort located in between Cua Dai beach and popular An Bang beach, complete with its own stretch of private beach and a lovely large pool. A great choice for those who want to spend most of their time relaxing at the hotel and beach! Of course, the hotel also offers a free shuttle service to the Old Town.

Boutique Hoi An Resort has gorgeous large colonial villa style rooms. All rooms have balconies with either ocean or garden views.

There hundreds of things to do in this beautiful ancient town but below are what we consider some of the best things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam.

1. Wander Through the Hoi An’s Old Town

Old Town is very unique and has gorgeous scenery. Stunning ancient houses, designer boutiques, and art galleries line the colorful streets of Hoi An just waiting to be visited and photographed. The amazing coffee culture makes it easy to find a delicious coffee house around every corner. One thing that always makes the list of sights to see in Hoi An is the landmark Japanese Covered Bridge, one of the most photographed bridges in all of Asia.

Because of its UNESCO status, more than 800 historic buildings have been preserved in Hoi An, so wandering through Old Town is like taking a trip back in time. 22 historic buildings or museums are open to the public, but they require a ticket costing 120,000 VND ($5.27 USD) that will get you into five places of your choice. With such a lively culture and charming atmosphere, Hoi An’s Old Town is not to be missed.

2. Learn How to Cook Delicious Vietnamese Food

Foodies and cooks rejoice as the availability of cooking classes is endless – you can choose from full-day classes, half-day classes, and even evening classes that only last one or two hours – and some of them even include boat trips and tours of a local market. You can learn to cook everything from grilled fish in banana leaves to Cao Lầu (a specialty dish unique to Hoi An) to Phở.

One of the best cooking class options available is the Hoi An Eco Cooking Class. This half-day experience begins with a hotel pick-up before heading to a local market. There you’ll explore and experience the sights and sounds of the local market while getting tips about bargaining techniques. The experience doesn’t stop there, as you’ll hop into a traditional Vietnamese round boat then cruise through the river surrounded by nipa palms (mangrove palms).

After relaxing on the boat and fishing for baby crabs, it’s time to put on an apron and get cooking. In two hours you’ll learn to make rice papers by hand and the secret art of making delicious Phở. The cooking continues with fresh spring rolls (Gỏi Cuốn), crispy sizzling Vietnamese pancakes (Bánh Xèo), banana flower salad (Gỏi Bắp Chuối), and more. We promise you won’t leave hungry, but you will leave with a happy tummy and a taste of Vietnamese cuisine. This two-hour hands-on cooking class is also vegetarian friendly, and can cater to celiacs and other dietary requirements. If you are searching for a truly authentic Hoi An experience, this cooking class is a must.

3. Get a Tailor-Made Suit or Dress

The tailoring in Hoi An is known throughout the world. There are hundreds of tailors in the area ready to help you add to your wardrobe, and typically you can get a quality tailored suit or dress within 24-48 hours. It’s one of the best things to do in Hoi An for everyone because they have shops for every price range. But with so many options, beware of the tourist traps that have no problem overcharging you and selling low-quality clothes.

Everyone from the hotel receptionist to the cab driver are likely to recommend a tailor because they earn commissions from tailor shops. Try to do your research before you arrive, and once you get there you can check out different places so you can bargain and test out fabrics. The best tailors are sure to provide excellent clothing and service that will make you remember Hoi An for years to come.

4. Get Crafty

One of the best things to do in Hoi An is to discover your inner artist. The culture and creativity here is undeniable. When you get crafty in Hoi An, not only will you have a unique souvenir to take home with you, but you’ll learn more about their history, culture, and tradition in the process. Some of the most popular activities are lantern making, mask making, and bamboo carving.

Lanterns are especially popular in Asia – some believe they bring luck, happiness, and wealth – and there are even festivals dedicated to them, like Taiwan’s annual Lantern Festival.

Mask making is one of the crafts that’s great for the whole family. Some workshops even allow you to choose from an intensive mask-making course or a less structured mask-painting workshop that may be a better fit for the little ones.
For anyone interested in crafting your own creation with bamboo, Taboo Bamboo is where you need to be. At this workshop you can craft everything from a bamboo train to a natural amplifier for an iPhone. Getting crafty is a fun way to share in the culture of Hoi An.

5. Visit Tra Que Vegetable Village

Learn about the daily life of farmers by visiting the Tra Que Vegetable Village. It’s well-known for over 20 different vegetables, and instead of using manure or fertilizer, farmers use algae only found in the village’s lagoon. Though small, this impressive village supplies organic vegetables to all of Hoi An and other areas close by.

Only three kilometers from Hoi An’s center, many love enjoying a leisurely bike ride or a relaxing walk around the area. Along with touring the area, you can take advantage of gardening activities, a cooking class, and a foot massage with medicinal herbs.

There’s no doubt the Tra Que Vegetable Village is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Hoi An.

6. Explore and Experience the Central Market

You can’t experience the best of Hoi An without adventuring to the Central Market. Make sure to brush up on your bargaining skills, then get ready for this exciting experience.

Located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An Central Market is renowned for its fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables, spices, and silk. This market thrives throughout the day and will be packed with locals and tourists alike.

The stalls closest to the entrance tend to have the highest prices, so make sure to walk around for a bit before you choose what to buy. Regardless of what you choose to buy, don’t forget to haggle :)

At the market you can also enjoy local food at the many food stalls inside the Central Market such as Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Fried Spring rolls and more. And unlike most street stalls the prices are on the menu so you won’t have to worry about paying the “tourist price”.

7. Try Hoi An Food Specialties

The food scene here is unlike any other. With so much tasty food around, you’ll never have to wonder what to do in Hoi An because you can always find something interesting to eat. From street food stalls to five-star restaurants, this is the tastiest stop you’ll make in all of Vietnam.

Hoi An even has a variety of specialty dishes that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Keep scrolling and check out the food section to see the must-eat dishes in Hoi An and where you can find them. They have so many delicious specialty dishes that you don’t want to miss out on.

8. Relax at the Beach

Like many other coastal destinations, a visit to the beach highlights the top things to do in Hoi An. Cua Dai Beach is the closest to town, but unfortunately it’s fallen victim to coastal erosion so it’s not a great choice. If you’re adventurous, you can head to the area between Cua Dai and An Bang for a lovely undeveloped beach with no crowds that the insiders know as Hidden Beach. But the ultimate Hoi An beach experience can only be had at An Bang Beach.

An Bang is a tree-lined beach about four kilometers from the city center and is decorated with white sand, palapas, sun loungers, and restaurants. Since it’s relatively unspoiled by development, it’s the perfect place to be whether you want to relax or get in the water. Lounge chairs can be rented from restaurants for 15,000 – 40,000 VND, or they’re free for the day if you buy something. An Bang has stunning views for days of the Marble Mountains, Da Nang Bay, and Da Nang and Cham Island.

Hoi An is home to an expat surfing community, so there are many surfing and stand-up paddleboarding classes available, as well as places to rent boards. If you’re an avid surfer, the best time to visit Hoi An is between September and March when you’ll have ideal wave conditions and an average water temperature of about 77°F (25°C). An Bang is definitely one of the necessary places to visit in Hoi An.

9. Do a Free Bike Tour

Many of the best things to do in Hoi An can be reached by bike, and cycling through the picturesque towns and surrounding countryside is always a great way to spend an afternoon.

If you don’t want to set off on your own, there is a free bike tour available to get you acquainted with the countrysides of Kim Bong and Duy Vinh. Kim Bong is a carpentry village known for making everything from budget-friendly knick-knacks to thousand-dollar statues. You can meet artisans along the way and even enjoy a boat-making workshop.

You’ll continue through the beautiful countryside to Duy Vinh, a village known for mat weaving, where you’ll learn about making rice paper. This free bike tour is the perfect way to learn about rural life in Vietnam.

10. Visit the Nipa Palm Forest

The peaceful retreat to the Nipa Palms is one you’ll never forget, and the journey is part of what makes it worth it. Large palms and beautiful foliage will shadow you as you cruise through the quiet waterways on a traditional bamboo basket boat, kayak, or paddleboard.

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water and trees blowing in the wind, and every so often you’ll see wildlife, fishermen, and motorboats returning home. Whether you stay for an hour or the whole day, it’s the perfect place to relax and refresh.


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Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay



Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

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Taking a cruise on the fascinating Mekong River offers a unique and memorable travel experience. The Mekong River, one of the longest rivers in Asia, flows through several countries, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each destination along the river offers its own distinct cultural, historical, and natural attractions. In this article, we will go over what you can expect when cruising the Mekong River. 


Before being awarded a one-star rating by Michelin Guide for the first time, four Vietnamese restaurants - one in HCMC and three in Hanoi - were honored by international media and received applause from foreign diners.


"Should I visit Thailand or Vietnam?" is some of the most frequently asked questions that we have from our travelers

Well, Vietnam and Thailand are the most popular holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. They are similar in climate and food, though obviously different in culture, lifestyle and travel experience.

Below we list 13 major differences between the two countries, to give you a quick overview and help you decide which to visit first. These are based on our own travel experiences, investigations, and partnerships with local operators.


How long to spend in Vietnam may seem like a ridiculous question to address, but if you have plenty of time and aren’t sure how much to dedicate, this blog will definitely help you out.

You can find here and there that you should spend 10 days, 2 weeks, 20 days, or 1 month to best explore Vietnam. So what is the best Vietnam tour duration for you?

Well, as long as you like! From 10 days to a month, there are various ways you can travel across Vietnam and uncover its secrets. Advising an ideal trip length for Vietnam is a bit of a complex challenge, as it depends on several factors such as the places you wish to visit, the activities you plan to join, or if you want to combine Vietnam with its neighbor countries. 

Stay tuned! We are going to sort all these things out including the step-by-step guide to create the best itinerary in Vietnam.


Vietnam would scrap the Covid-19 testing requirement for all arrivals starting Sunday, May 15th 2022, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has directed.

In a document issued Friday, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Health to closely follow the coronavirus situation and provide proper guidance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should direct Vietnamese authorities outside the country to inform people who wish to enter Vietnam to follow appropriate disease prevention measures, he said.

The latest decision has been made as the number of Covid-19 infections and deaths drops both in Vietnam and around the world. Several countries have been taking steps to relax coronavirus restrictions, including scrapping testing before entry.

Current policies issued by the health ministry require entrants to have negative results from PCR tests done within the previous 72 hours, or a negative result from a rapid test done within the last 24 hours.

Those who don’t have a negative test result must refrain from making contact with others during the first 24 hours after entry. They will be able to move freely once they test negative after arrival.

Children under two don’t need to be tested.

Vietnam stopped requiring medical declarations from those arriving from abroad starting April 27, and for domestic travel starting April 30.


The “Colorful Hanoi” hot air balloon festival is one of the attractive activities within the framework of the program “Hanoi tourism welcomes 2022” taking place from March 25-27, 2022.

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Friendly and food-obsessed, hedonistic and historic, cultured and curious, Thailand tempts visitors with a smile as golden as the country's glittering temples and tropical beaches.
bee-white Cambodia
There's a magic about this charming yet confounding kingdom that casts a spell on visitors. In Cambodia, ancient and modern worlds collide to create an authentic adventure.
bee-white Myanmar
It's a new era for this extraordinary and complex land, where the landscape is scattered with gilded pagodas and the traditional ways of Asia endure.
bee-white Laos
Vivid nature, voluptuous landscapes and a vibrant culture collide with a painful past and optimistic future to make Laos an enigmatic experience for the adventurous.
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